OEVRZ began supplying subway cars for St. Petersburg

Oktyabrsky Electric Works (OEVRZ, part of ZAO "Transmashholding") handed St. Petersburg subway cars of model 81-714/717 18 as part of the supply in 2013.

According to the prisoners in March-April this year, the contracts OEVRZ will have until the end of the year to pass the customer a total of 70 (49 intermediate and 21 head) coaches.

Subway cars for Metro St. Petersburg has several distinctive features, made at the request of the customer. Head cars equipped with electronic marshrutoukazatelem. In the cab with air conditioning, vibration-absorbing seat and control panel with a color touch screen.

Interior trim is made in accordance with the current requirements of aesthetics, fire and sanitary safety. The decoration of the passenger compartment using modern vandal-proof materials resistant to abrasion. High-quality and practical to maintain, trim material refers to a group of slow-burning materials, has a low coefficient of flame spread and smoke generation, has antiseptic properties and absorb the noise. The interior lighting is done with the help of LED lights such as "light line", which provides a high level of illumination of the car.

The even distribution of air flow provides a special design of air intakes and air vents. On the outside of the end wall of cars are equipped with devices that prevent passengers falling on the road.

Exterior paint of the car is based on the high quality enamels and has a long service life.

By order Peterburg underground between the cars fitted with devices to prevent passengers falling on the road between the cars.

In 2012 Oktyabrsky Electric plant delivered 52 wagons of Petersburg subway. Also, metro wagons production OEVRZ successfully operated in the metro Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. During the time that has elapsed since the beginning of production in the company of subway cars, the plant produced a total of 150 units

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