OEVRZ over three years to build a subway car Petersburg 102

Oktyabrsky Electric Factory (OEVRZ, St. Petersburg, is a member of ZAO "Transmashholding"), won a tender SUE "Petersburg Metro" on the delivery of new metro cars model 81-717/714.

Provides for the construction of the St. Petersburg metro’s 102 subway cars model 81-717/714. The project will last for three years and provides for the construction of 24 cars in 2012, and 78 cars in 2013 — 2014.

Assembly of new subway cars factory has successfully mastered in 2010, thus ceasing to be purely repair facility and turned into a third in Russia manufacturer of rolling stock for the metro. 

 Among the technical features that distinguish the compositions of construction of "OEVRZ" — electronic marshrutoukazatel on the head cars, convenient and comfortable layout of the driver’s cab, equipped with air conditioning and a vibration-absorbing seat.

Remote control train — a modern, equipped with a terminal with a color touch screen. When interior trim materials will be used to ensure abrasion resistance and complete removal of contaminants, unauthorized printing and advertising. Passenger sofas will also be protected against vandalism.

The design of the air intakes and air vents of the ventilation system will ensure an even distribution of air flow in the volume of the passenger compartment. The outside of the front wall of the car will be equipped with devices that prevent passengers falling on the road between the cars. 

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