Of Asphalt plant number 4 Kapotnya

Of ABZ-4 "Kapotnya" was established in 1992. and is currently the largest producer of asphalt mixes in the Moscow region. The annual production of asphalt mixes more than 1 million tons, accounting for over 20% of the needs of Moscow. The plant also produced a mixture of cement concrete, bituminous emulsions, pastes, cold repair mixes, and other products.

The plant has a modern asphalt mixing equipment of foreign manufacture, providing high quality products and the required environmental performance. The company has two subsidiaries operating in the construction and reconstruction of federal roads in the Penza and Ryazan regions.

ABZ-4 is located in the Kapotnya, adjacent to the Moscow Refinery and the Moscow Ring Road. The convenient location of the plant allows a short time to ensure the supply of goods to any facilities in Moscow and the region. To do this, there are dump trucks of various capacities, as well as a dedicated transport, ensuring the provision of cast mixtures of bitumen, cement and cement-concrete mixtures.

Personnel of the plant (more than 250 people.) Are highly skilled workers and professionals: mechanics, engineers, electrical engineering, automation specialists, ecology, etc.

In addition to the main products the company produces emulsion installation of container, which successfully operate in 12 regions of the Russian Federation. Issued also import substitution additives for asphalt mixtures and emulsions.

ABZ-4 "Kapotnya" has subsidiaries that perform road work, as well as research and development and quality control of materials and road surfaces.

An important activity is the processing plant of the old asphalt, resulting in the repair of roads. It uses advanced technologies, including those developed directly on the ABZ-4. The plant receives waste for recycling asphalt from road organizations of Moscow.

ABZ-4 cooperates with leading research organizations (MADI "NIIMosstroy", "SoyuzdorNII"), is involved in scientific research and drafting of new regulations.

The plant is involved in the preparation of the engineering and scientific personnel. Regularly takes practice and training of students and young professionals MADI.

The company employs five Ph.D., a graduate student, and two candidates for a degree.

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