Of Blk were leased to 150 railcars

March 16, 2011, Moscow, Irkutsk, Ulan Ude.
"Sberbank-Leasing" concluded an agreement on the transfer of a lease of "Baikal Forest Company" 150 universal rail platforms.

Baikal regional branch of JSC "Sberbank-Leasing" signed a contract for the purchase and leasing of "Baikal Forest Company" 150 flat wagons for transportation of timber and large containers worth 330 million rubles.

The acquisition of rolling stock leasing will of "BLK" to reduce transport costs, provide the necessary regular deliveries during seasonal peak demand. Of "Baikal Forest Company" — is a holding company of several powerful industrial complexes of Eastern Siberia and the largest producer and exporter of Buryatia high-quality timber.

CJSC "Sberbank Leasing" is active in the leasing market of the Russian Federation since 1993 and is one of the leaders of the Russian leasing market. During the first 9 months of 2010. "Sberbank Leasing" funded contracts worth more than 104 billion rubles. Volume of new business during the same period amounted to 63.3 billion rubles. Is in the top 50 ranking of the European Federation of National Associations of leasing companies. High business reputation CJSC "Sberbank Leasing" is confirmed by international rating agency Fitch Ratings (BBB rating with a stable outlook) and the title "Laureate of the five-year period and the financial elite Russia 2010" in the nomination "Reliability". Heads the top 100 ranking agency "Expert" in terms of new business for the 9 months of 2010.
Regional network of JSC "Sberbank Leasing" has 35 branches in major cities of Russia and its subsidiaries in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus. The company’s mission is to promote industrial growth and modernization of the Russian economy in all sectors and regions.

Baikal regional branch of JSC "Sberbank Leasing" was launched in April 2010.

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