Of Gai GOK put into operation a new crushing and conveying


Plant costs for the project amounted to about 326 million rubles.

The maximum capacity of each of the conveyors is 1250 tons of ore per hour.

SHahtostroitelej of "Gai GOK" (enterprise resource complex UMMC) commissioned a new underground mine crushing and conveying complex (DCC). The complex, located in the floor of the horizon 855 meters by 935 meters of the mine "Operational" is designed for the transportation of rocks on the surface.

According to the chief engineer of the plant Andrew Kharkov, putting into operation, will significantly enhance the continuity issue ore mine shaft "Operational" and reduce the need for mining transport. "This complex is built in a relatively short time — less than two years. This was facilitated by the fact that the excavation of galleries and provided with equipment were conducted in parallel — said Kharkov.

The new DCC includes camera with crushing plant, two cameras conveyor drive about 6.5 meters in height and two conveyor galleries with a total length of about 800 meters.  

"SHahtostroitelej combine to make a very large and complex technology workload. For example, in the construction of one of the cameras for the first time we had to carry out blasting literally two or three meters away from the main current conveyor, which receives almost all the ore crushing and conveyor systems of the underground mine. This is a professional piece of work in which it was impossible to make a mistake, — the chief engineer of the mine construction management, Yuri Davydov.

The total weight of the mounted metal is more than two thousand tons. For example, a metal overflow tank installed on the horizon 910 meters, weigh more than a ton. Currently crushing and conveying complex works in the start-up mode.

Recall that the project "Opening and Development of deep levels (in the floor of 830-1310 meters) underground mine Gai GOK" provides strategic program of development of mineral resources UMMC. The company’s investments in 2013 for the implementation of this project will amount to more than 2.5 billion rubles, which is 1 billion more than last year.

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