Of Horizon from Rostov-on-Don for the first time demonstrated the S-100 UAV Horizon

Of "Horizon" from Rostov-on-Don in the SKB-2011 demonstrated for the first time an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) S-100 "Horizon" helicopter type. UAV developed in cooperation with the Austrian firm SCHIEBEL and produced in Russia with foreign components. As the representatives of the enterprise, planned a gradual shift in the production of UAVs in the Russian technology. UAVs "Horizon" is designed for a wide range of tasks can be based on ships, platforms and other structures do not require runways and special ground equipment.

It can be used day and night to monitor the aquatic and terrestrial surface, participate in search and rescue operations, emergency response, border security, etc. As a payload weighing up to 50 kg UAV can be placed video cameras, synthetic aperture, laser sensors , ground radar. Communications equipment enables data transmission at a distance of 180 km. When the mass 100 kg without payload UAV can fly at maximum (cruising) speed up to 220 (102) km / hour for at least 6 hours. a payload of 35 kg.

Maximum take-off weight is 200 kg. The device can be integrated into any automated system for collecting and processing information. UAVs can operate completely offline. The modular design of composite materials for high strength of the body, as well as the placement of various equipment.

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