Of KBKhA started pre-commissioning new equipment c

As part of the Federal Space Program of Russia and the Federal target program for the development of the defense industry in the last few months of 2012 in KBKhA (Voronezh) received regular samples of the new equipment and machinery necessary for the re-equipment of production facilities for modern problems.

On ongoing projects "Reconstruction and modernization of production engines 14D23" and "Reconstruction and modernization of bench-testing pilot production base" currently the company is being commissioned to work with the new equipment, among which the cold store heat treatment of materials, installation of wear-resistant coatings, automated control and measuring machine, milling and turning machining center, EDM and wire-superdrel carved machine, as well as other samples . 

Entered into service equipment is to replace outdated machines, as well as in a number of cases ensures the implementation of innovative technologies in the manufacture of parts and components of liquid rocket engines. Increased automation of labor-intensive operations to minimize the risk of human error, characteristic of manual labor, improve quality and increase production of individual parts and the whole engine. New equipment provides not only the workers but also engineers with computer programming skills and modeling.  

Until the end of 2012 in KBKhA will put a whole new series, including precision, machine tools with numerical control.


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