Of KMZ complex produced the first tank with a domestic

thermal channel

Open Joint Stock Company "Krasnogorsk Plant. Zverev" OJSC (CMH), part of the holding of the State Corporation Rostekhnadzor "Schwabe", produced the first tank commander’s sighting and observation combined with a complex domestic thermal channel — "Agate-MDT."

The system is designed for installation on tanks T-90, T-80, T-72, and provides an overview of the battlefield, the detection and recognition of moving and stationary targets, measuring the distance to the target laser rangefinder in all operating modes of the complex, aimed fire from a gun, coaxial machine gun and anti-aircraft machine gun, day and night, up and moving. Instead of a night on the channel circuitry of the unit used in the production complexes-analogues in the "Agate-MDT" applied thermal channel spectral range of 3-5 microns, which can significantly improve the performance of complex and increase the possibility of detection, targeting and destroying enemy targets with the commander.

In the complex thermal imaging channel is used photodetector (FPU), which allows to significantly increase the range of target identification such as "tank." At the same feature set "Agat-MDT" is the ability to install (for further modernization) in the sight of the new developed domestic UPF format 640×512 by 15 microns, which is possible in the future to extend the range of target identification at night to 3.5 — 4.0 km without modifications sight. This feature greatly increases the export potential of the complex.

The first commander of the combined sample of supervisory-sighting system "Agat-MDT" was presented to the public at the International Forum "Engineering Technologies 2012", which was highly appreciated by specialists, and stood in the "waiting list" going into production.

"Complex" Agate-MDT "Competence Center was established to develop and manufacture electro-optical systems for armored vehicles, which includes holding companies" Schwabe "involved in the creation of the sights and fire control systems for armored vehicles. Specifically, a laser range finder for complex developed by specialists of JSC "Institute" pole "them. MF Stelmach. "Development, production and testing of complex autonomous performed by specialists of the CMH? Parent company competence center for the development and production of opto-electronic systems for armored vehicles. Development and mass production of the FPU implemented the" NPO "Orion". The specialists of JSC "Ural Transport Engineering Design Bureau" was produced adaptation of the complex in the T-90 and appropriate tests confirmed the declared characteristics.

It should be noted that the creation of this complex was made possible thanks to the available in CMH of technological advance and debugged design, technological and industrial infrastructures. Like the rest of the enterprise competence center for the development and production of opto-electronic systems for armored vehicles holding "Schwabe" of CMH plans to develop advanced systems and systems for armored vehicles both on the domestic element base, and the foreign, that will meet the needs of the Ministry of Defence Russian and requests from foreign partners. To carry out the plans of the CMH is intensively re-production "? Said General Director of CMH AP Tarasov.

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