Of Kuzbass coal mines (KRU) — photo report

Author of the report — Slava Stepanov (Gelio)

Kuznetsk coal basin (Kuzbass) is one of the largest coal deposits in the world, is located in Western Siberia, the Kemerovo region. The pool is located 58 mines and 36 coal mines. It is assumed that the age of the most ancient of Kuzbass coal is about 350 million years old.
The largest company in the Kuzbass, which specializes in open-pit coal mining is JSC "MC" KRU ". It consists of six coal mines — "Kedrovsky", "Mokhov," "Bachatsky", "Krasnobrodsky", "Taldinsky", "Kaltansky." Balance reserves of the Criminal Code are over 2 billion tons of coal. The Company’s mined annually more than 45 million tons of fuel. About 50% of the coal is exported.


Taldinsky coal mine — at the moment, one of the most promising and fastest growing sections of the Kemerovo region.
Was commissioned in 1986.

According to the initial draft of the proposed construction of the largest in the country with an annual output of the cut 30 million tons.
During the restructuring of the coal industry due to objective reasons, from a 30-million project abandoned.
But with the production of about 8,000,000 tons of cut still is one of the largest in the Kemerovo region.

Coal reserves Taldinskoye cut more than 900 million tons At the current level of production (8,200 tonnes / year) will be enough for 100 years (and that’s not counting the third stage, where stocks have about 1 billion tons.)

Park of mining and technology enterprise is presented hydraulic excavators, draglines domestic and foreign manufacturers of proven EKG-5A with a bucket capacity of 5 cubic meters to the modern P & H-4100 with a bucket capacity of 56 cubic meters (of 68 units).

In the vastness of the section has more than 147 dump trucks BelAZ Komatsu capacity from 40 to 320 tons, 56 bulldozers.

Of overburden (stripping) in the dump (BelAZ 75131 — capacity of 130 tons, 75306 — 220 tons, 75302 — 220 tons, 75,600 — capacity 320 tons) of cargo electric excavators.

Electricity consumption of this type of rope excavators sostavyaet tys.kvch 400 / month.

Dividing art — it depends on the conditions of occurrence of minerals (coal), in particular the angle of incidence of the coal seam.

On the gently dipping, used hydraulic excavator, a steeper drop formation can be practiced by electric shovels

In regard BelAZ — material, then the correlation between the body and tanks excavator bucket, optimally 3-4;
ie 3-4 bucket dump bodies and it is loaded.

The biggest of dump trucks is "BelAZ-75600?, Whose capacity is 320 — tons, and the total weight — 560 tons! "BelAZ-75600? — The biggest truck in the CIS.

Per trip "BelAZ-75600" is able to take up to three rail cars of rock.

Length — 14.5 meters, width — 9.25 m, height — 7.22 meters (3-storey building)
Normal "Gazelle" for comparison)

"BelAZ-75600" is equipped with a 18-cylinder diesel engine weighing 11 tons and a capacity of 2610 kW (3500 hp)
Engine capacity — 77.5 liters.

Diesel fuel consumption — 1000l/100km. The volume of the fuel tank — 4360l.
Total volume of the hydraulic system — 600 liters of oil in the working circuit pressure — 165 atmospheres.

Each wheel weighs 8 tons and is worth about a million rubles, and for the installation requires special truck crane.
Tyres — Tubeless, radial design, with a bore diameter of 63?
If a tire burst, then hear a small explosion. If found near people, or are injured.

The coal is mined hydraulic excavators (pictured Liebherr R9350) or wheeled loaders dump trucks BelAZ 75138 — 130t capacity. Hydraulic excavators are also used for all studies on the extraction of coal preparation (development of rock triangles, trimming coal seam, "okonturovka").

After extracting the coal is first processed SPLIT to sort, and then loaded into wagons, excavator EKG-5A, wheel loaders with bucket capacity from 9 to 11m3 or conveyor.

Walking Excavator ESH-15/90
Application of hydraulic walking (unlike caterpillar) mover reduces the load on the ground and improve reliability.

Dragline ESh-20/90
Low speed step, about 200 m / h or 0,055 m / s

Boom length — 90 meters

On Taldinskoye section employs 3,150 people (a number of "MC" KRU ")
And if you take into account a third-party organizations outside the company, you get 17,000 people.

A change in workers at 11.5 hours, with a break for lunch 30 minutes. From 08:00 to 20:00 and from 20:00 to 08:00.
Schedule is — 11.5 hours per day, the next day the night — 11.5 hours, then 2 days off.
In engineering technicians schedule regular 5/2.

To coordinate the work
on the cuts used 4 communication channels on the radio: 1. "Slice" (communication between engineers, machinists excavators, dump trucks and drivers manager, machinists drilling rigs, bulldozer and grader drivers), 2. "Depot" (mainly communication between drivers of dump trucks, 3. Hydra (the connection between the employees of the section "jetting", 4. "Simplex" (link at a short distance, usually to discuss local problems in a certain place.)

CAT D10T bulldozer cuts the track under water conduit (pipe), in which water is pumped.
The tasks include bulldozers leveling rock movement of soil on the dumps, cleaning coal. In addition, they repair the road. They say that no matter how much bulldozers, they never have enough, and they are always loaded with work.

Krasnobrodsky coal mine
Is the first coal mine in Kuzbass. It was founded in 1947.
The average annual production of about 9 million tons of coal.

Technology Park section are: about 50 excavators domestic and foreign production with bucket capacity up to 33 cubic meters, 34 bulldozers, 10 loaders, 14 drilling rigs, more than 100 BelAZ capacity from 47 to 220 tons.

Preparing blasting
Blasting operations every day (sometimes several explosions per day). During the month explodes around 2,500 tons of explosives of different brands. At the time of the blasting area career span of 30 minutes.

Bachatsky coal mine
One of the largest cuts "Kuzbassrazrezuglja" was commissioned in 1949. The first in the world and home practice in 1966 began production of coking coal open pit. From 1967 to 1994 the company was called "Cut im.50 Years of October"

Annual production cut of more than 8 million 700 thousand tons.

It is planned to increase coal production to 10 million tons of coal by 2016.

Technical base of the company includes: dump trucks from 42 to 320 tons, excavators with bucket capacity from 4 to 56 cubic meters of railway locomotives with a total capacity of 3.6 tys.kubometrov dump cars, drills with a diameter of blast hole drilling 270 mm, etc.

In 2011, the company was put into operation only in Russian Chinese excavator WK-35 with bucket capacity 35 cubic meters.

Coal produced from the "Bachatskom coal mine," shipped in more than 16 countries and abroad, and in 22 regions of Russia. Among the foreign customers — Europe, Central and South-East Asia and South America.

Technological road
In winter, in addition to blow up sections of roads that fall into practicing, laid on previously blasted rock (rock rolled up and gets frozen, with no explosion or excavator is unable to cope, or to work dangerous).

The difference in the maintenance of roads in the winter — podsypka — summer watering.

Work carried out 24 hours a day, the exception only — New Year’s holidays, and then all three shifts — it’s 31.12 and 1.01 both night shifts,
and the second of the work.

In calm weather in the career of always hanging dust and smog from operating internal combustion engines. At very low temperatures (below -40) technology to stop warming.

When you need to produce dust suppression water sprinkler machine based BelAZ (75131 — 130t and 7547 r — r 40t) working in shift (day and night), watering the road on a special route, especially places with high traffic).

Dragline bucket ESh-10/70

We also have excavator buckets wear — working hours in motochaskh.
The average bucket changed every five years. It all depends on the walls of the bucket wear.
It is possible to cut off the welded one piece bucket and replace the new one.

Dump loaded, going uphill.

Unloading rock on the conveyor

Work on dumping

Overburden dump
s after the project contours recultivated.
Work on the restoration is divided into two stages: the mine technical (flattening of slopes and 180, application of topsoil) and biological (planting trees or grasses).

Mokhovskoye coal mine
The longest section in the Kuzbass — located on the lands of the three districts of the Kemerovo region, is the only company on the open coal mine Kolchuginsky.

Operational areas separated from each other for long distances — from 5 to 25 km.

The only section in the Company having a portion of underground mining, which supplies each year to 500 million tons of coal grade DG going exclusively for export.

Supply of coal produced in all economic regions of the Russian Federation.
It is a charcoal Mokhovskoye cut given a job Novosibirsk HPP-5

Scope of supply reaches 2.9 MLT. tonnes per year, with 30-40% of exports.

Dredge Walking ES 10/70
Equipped with a tubular boom length of 70 m and a bucket capacity of 10 m2

Kaltansky coal mine
The cut was put into operation in 1981. The design capacity of 2,500 tons of coal per year

Currently reserves the enterprise is about 166,500,000 tons of coal.
The average annual volume of production — about 3.5 million tons of coal (grade T).

On Kaltanskom cut operation for about 150 vehicles. Among the main mining equipment — excavators with bucket capacity 5 to 15 cubic meters of domestic and foreign manufacturers (ECG, TEREX, LIEBHERR), dump trucks from 55 to 220 tons, bulldozers (LIEBHERR, CATERPILLAR, KOMATSU).

Kedrovsky coal mine
The incision is located 25 km north of Kemerovo.
The average annual production cut of about 5 million tons of coal. Balance reserves of more than 70 million tons.

In the section of the development of the transport system used. Opening the coal bed is made with the shipment of overburden and pouncing on road and rail transport, and gidrosposobom.

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