Of liquid crystals to innovative drugs — the history of CHT KhimRar

Center for High Technology (CHT) "KhimRar"non-government research complex that combines high-tech organizations, leading to the development of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers.
On the technological base of CHT is a full cycle of pre-clinical and clinical development of new drugs and drug compounds

 Photo source:chemrar.ru

 Photo source:chemrar.ru

History of the Center of High Technologies "KhimRar" began in 1990 with research and consulting company "Contact Service". Its founder was a doctor of chemical sciences, professor, Honored Inventor of the RSFSR Alexander Ivashchenko.

The activity of a group of scientists led by Professor does not start with the production of drugs.

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"They did and developed liquid crystals, from which now make TVs, monitors. It was the first source of market income, no longer a socialist, since the Soviet Union collapsed, the planned economy collapsed"- Told RIA Novosti the son of the founder of CHT" KhimRar "and the head of the company Andrey Ivashchenko.

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According to him, the specialists of "Call Service" most visited "advanced" international scientific seminars, bought second-hand, but relatively modern equipment.

In the mid-90s have changed the paradigm of development chemicals. The study of the human genome, and demanded that the scientists more actively seek and create connections that do not exist in nature. The demand for them in the first place, have asked the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Thanks to this "Contact Service" was created by Chemical Diversity Research Institute (CDRI), who was one of the first to systematically deal with combinatorial chemistry.

"Normal chemistry is when a scientist in a single tube reaction and makes one get one substance, and combinatorial chemistry — two different methods, different equipment, which allows a single chemist to do parallel reactions of 10 or even 100 responses. And after getting 100 substances completely different"- Explained Andrey Ivashchenko.

First own unique research and technology development KhimRar appeared in the year 2001. According Ivashchenko, they praised the international scientific community. It was decided to establish a center that works in the field of pre-clinical drug development. So there was a modern high-tech business incubator of innovative organizations — "KhimRar". Its placed on the base of the building in an emergency Khimki, repairing and equipping the necessary equipment.

For two decades, "KhimRar" from the usual service company that performs third-party orders, turned into a major holding. Its businesses are performing full cycle of medical products — from innovative chemical synthesis to manufacture ready-made forms, as well as clinical and pre-clinical drug trials. The main direction of the center — the development of drugs for the treatment of cancer, diseases of the central nervous system, HIV / AIDS, hepatitis C and emerging influenza viruses.

 Photo source:chemrar.ru

 Photo source:chemrar.ru

 Photo source:chemrar.ru

 Photo source:chemrar.ru

Center of High Technologies is a member of the federal target program "Development of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry of Russia until 2020," collaborating with "RUSNANO", "Russian Venture Company" (MER) and the "Skolkovo".

"Since we have the innovation economy has also become relevant, the state has become a specially set up such institutions for development, and we can ask our finance a project. It is clear that they are not all the funding and take only part of the cost, but it’s good. That is, roughly speaking, if we have the money for such a project, and joins such an investor, we can have two such projects do"- Said the head of" KhimRAR. "

In particular, the innovation center "Skolkovo", according to Andrey Ivashchenko, at the end of last year has already financed "disruptive" domestic project in the field of cancer immunotherapy.

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