Of MMP number 3 is not only tools, but also the production of stainless steel products

The main directions in the work of the enterprise:


— stair railings and atrium, handrails different species, fencing balconies (in combination with glass, wood and other modern materials.) Various versions of stainless steel railings;


— guards (bumpers and limiters stained glass, fencing escalators travalatorov, predeskalatornye barriers);


— lined columns and arches openings, making protective moldings;


Stainless steel doors, benches and seats made of stainless steel, including the inlays of precious wood;


— lattice ventilation, speakers, meeting;


— System support and bracket holders and mirrors, monitors, etc.;


letters and panels with the words of stainless steel;


  • letters of illuminated stainless steel
  • letters of illuminated stainless steel
  • letters stainless steel
  • letters stainless steel

— balustrades, partitions, arches (possibly light decision);


— interior and exterior finish of buildings and facades (portals, peaks and low tides);


— tables and countertops, stainless steel for the food industry, medicine;


— a variety of lighting solutions in the design of stainless steel;


— other metal structures on individual projects and of varying difficulty.

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