Of Svjatogor commissioned a bucket crane crane Magnitogorsk plant

In the metal shop JSC "Svjatogor" (Metallurgical complex UMMC) commissioned bridge grabbing crane. Bridges was manufactured by JSC "Magnitogorsk crane factory"And is designed to separate the raw material preparation and filing of the charge and discharge for raw materials. Its purchase was made possible through a program of modernization of the equipment. On the purchase of the crane" Svjatogor "sent 13.6 million rubles. Total for equipment in 2013," Svjatogor "intends spend about 770 million rubles.


The new clamshell crane is characterized by:

  • load capacity of 16 tons,
  • Grapple 3 cubic volume. m
  • the ability to lift loads to a height of 14 meters,
  • the presence of optical sensors, which prevents collision with another crane or buffer stops.

As the chief specialist supervision lifting equipment division chief mechanic of "Svjatogor" Leonid Kashin "At the entrance to a nearby faucet or buffer stops at the speed of movement of the faucet is reduced to the minimum, then there is a smooth cut-off. "This effect can be achieved by using a frequency-controlled electric motor and gear-Danfoss BAUER (Germany). Particular note is the crane operator’s cab, which has:

  • wide visibility,
  • climatic installation with an air purification system from dust, capable of creating a special microclimate regardless of external environmental factors
  • ergonomic chair with a remote control, built-in armrests
  • sensitive "joysticks"
  • panel indicator light that informs the crane operator of the crane.

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