Of Techpribor: wingspan. Rollers on the competition of enterprises.

The educational program  "Expeditions to the industrial Russia" with information from the National Fund for the Promotion of Youth "Young Leaders" and Russian Engineering Union continues to implement the national competition of modern enterprises videos "Plant the new Russian industry."

From the 16th of May, we are looking spots on plants! They work in completely different industries: build missiles, aircraft and machinery to produce cans or soft drinks, navigation devices or medical equipment. They work in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ulyanovsk, Saratov, Chelyabinsk, Perm .. and many other cities of Russia.

The aim of the competition is to promote the creation and distribution to a wide audience of high-quality information materials about the modernized and innovative enterprises.

Today we will learn many interesting things about aviation instrument. JSC "Techpribor" from St. Petersburg tell us what these are equipped with helicopters and airplanes. Roller "Techpribor": Wingspan. "

Look, leave some feedback, support their voices favorite businesses and their presentation!




Brief information about the enterprise.

 JSC "Techpribor", Saint-Petersburg
Date of establishment of business April 17, 1942
Industry: Aviation Instrument
Main products: on-board systems and fuel control alignment, vibration control system aircraft engine, control systems and aircraft engine diagnostics, etc.
The total number of employees, 2,000 of them are young people 20%
Major advances Company 1) Create toplivoizmeritelnyh systems for aircraft of the 5th generation T-50 and Su-35, 2) Vibroapparatura to control the helicopter main rotor gearbox, and 3) Protected onboard storage with voice and video channels.
The company of "Techpribor" has a critical technology for onboard toplivoizmereniyu and vibration control of aircraft engines.




Results will be announced on June 30.

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