Of the KRC said professional holiday Day of the Builder

This year, thanks to OJSC "KRC" feast came to the city streets and marked Shadrinska interesting event, which was attended not only factory workers but all comers.

It all started with a children’s festival, which gathered at the site before the UIA "Palace of Culture" kids and parents from all over the city. In the bright kaleidoscope on the platform at the UIA "Palace of Culture" mixed suits artists, elegant dresses malyshni, round sound of laughter. Children who have children, boys and girls occupied with self-forgetfulness swings, trampolines, took part in the contests related to the project theme, answered the questions of presenters. Meanwhile, folk groups from the stage of the Palace of Culture gave any and all the creativity, talent and smile. At the same time actors in costume fairy-tale characters entertained topu mobile games, built a house out of huge blocks. All of the children participating in the competitions were awarded prizes and gifts, as well as tickets for attractions in the city garden im.Keldyusheva. Also, games were organized not only for children but also for their parents. At the end of the holiday was summed up the contest of children’s drawings, employees. The winners received luxurious gifts: cars and dolls. The holiday was a success!

August 10 were organized sports and entertainment events for the employees of the plant. Most sports and active workers of "KRC" split into five teams, and fled across the site to quickly complete all assignments and pass all stages, because everyone wanted to be first … The competition had pronounced the construction theme, and obviously helped the participants to look at their work with an unexpected and fun side. Party competition had to work hard to be smart and knowledge. To passing stage by stage to get into the treasury team next token money bill. On which, subsequently purchased building materials and equipment for construction of the house.

There were also personal and the championship is jumping rope, long jump, as well as competition for the retention of bricks. For extra credit team pulled the rope, and at the end of the competition, each team presented to the jury-built house.

The event site as follows:

1st PLACE — Team SSC

2nd PLACE — Team CPS

3 place — OTC and CDP

The event was a lot of fun, all the participants and winners received prizes and gifts.

Evening of August 10 for the staff of "KRC" in the Palace of Culture, organized a concert. Greeted the workers of the enterprise becomes Deputy Director of Planning — Denis S. Shishov:

— By tradition, the third consecutive year, we are going in this room to celebrate our holiday — the Day of the builder. I would like to wish this bright day, our friendly and highly professional success, happiness, health, and we moved to this course and to keep the tradition, going into this room from year to year.

OJSC "KRC" has always been famous people, real professionals, united labor groups and illustrious family dynasties that make up the golden fund of not only the company but also in the whole entire city Shadrinska. Awards were given to the city administration, the Department of Industry, a thank you letter the governor of Kurgan region, thank you notes Shadrinsk City Council, Construction Committee, letters of administration of "KRC" and other honorary awards. Cabaret, sea flowers, congratulations.

On behalf of the administration of the factory workers congratulates the first deputy head of administration of Shadrinska Igor Ksenofontov: Business Builder — a noble and courageous. Where construction is always going to be living. Your company — is one of the pillars of the economy Shadrinska, even, perhaps. Zauralye economy. I sincerely thank you for your hard work and active participation in the life of the city.

There were music performance Shadrinsk pop stars and special guests from the city of Chelyabinsk, circus and dance numbers follow each other. Many times sounded trumpets, and the audience burst into applause — for decent workers at the plant quite a few!


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