Of the Princess milk powder (Nizhny Novgorod region). Opened a new production line

November 29 opened a high-performance line for bottling milk products of JSC «Knyagininskaya milk powder." Over the two years of implementation of the investment project, the company provided budgetary support in the amount of 29 million rubles, further assistance from the regional budget will continue.

"This project will pay off for 8 years, and only thanks to the fact that the regional government subsidizes our interest rate on the loan. The total compensation amount to 120 million rubles. This is a huge amount, without state support, we would not even start a project — said the commercial director of the plant, "the Princess milk" Sergei Volkov — The new production will be fully automated. We plan to increase the amount of raw material processing by half, to go with the production of milk powder on the whole completely. "

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