Of the WEC in the I half of 2012. increased electricity exports to China by 57% — to 984 million kW / h


Of "Eastern Energy Company" (WEC) in the I half of 2012. exported to China 984 million kW / h of electricity, which is 57% more than the same period last year, the company said. Total in 2012. China will put in 2.6 billion kW / h of electricity compared to 1.2 billion kW / h of exports in 2011. Recall, the supply of electricity are carried out in the framework of a new long-term contract that Eastern energy company signed with the State Grid Corporation of China in February 2012. The contract covers the supply in China 100 billion kW / h of electricity for 25 years. Technical ability to increase the volume of exports has appeared thanks to the construction of a new 500 kV transmission line "Amur-Heihe" completed in late 2011. Of "WEC" is the sole holder of the contract for the supply of Russian electricity to China. All of the company‘s shares belong to JSC "INTER RAO UES".

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