Officers GVA study center in Ryazan Airborne parachute systems Crossbow Crossbow-1 and-2

More than 100 officers and instructors Airborne service of all the compounds of the Airborne Forces of Russia take part in the collection for the study and development of the practice of parachute systems for special purposes such as "Crossbow", informed in the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense and Information.

The course of theoretical and practical training in the use of "Crossbows" is designed for one and a half months, classes are organized on the basis of 309-th center of fitness and survival in Ryazan Airborne Troops. After fees instructors will train paratroopers jumping with "Crossbow" in its parts.

During the training course each participant has to make more than 20 jumps using these parachutes. The program provides for landing in different environments — both day and night, including the use of weapons and cargo containers for landing loads.

Help (according to the press service of the administration and the Russian Ministry of Defense Information)
Parachute systems "Crossbow-1" and "Arbalet-2" are intended for paratroopers jumping specialists groups for special purposes, and intelligence units with a set of weapons and equipment.
Training jumps with "Crossbows" made of aircraft AN-2, AN-26, AN-12, IL-76 and Mi-8.
The parachute-type "Crossbow" allows parachute with riot gear to 150 kilograms in the range of air temperatures from minus 35 to plus 35 degrees Celsius at the speed of the aircraft in landing up to 350 kilometers per hour. The unique characteristics of the parachute system allows to jump to the maximum allowable heights with the horizontal movement of the parachutist in the air at a distance of 50 kilometers.
Currently parachute systems for special purposes "Crossbow-1" and "Arbalet-2" in service and special reconnaissance airborne units.

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