Official Travel Website began its work

The new joint project of RIA Novosti and the Federal Tourism Agency — the national tourism portal, whose main task will be to inform foreign nationals and tourists on tourism opportunities in Russia — was presented Tuesday at the seminar held at the agency Tourist Information Center (TIC).


 RIA Novosti in recent years is paying serious attention to informing the public about the situation in the sphere of tourism. In a short time the agency has become one of the leaders in the production and dissemination of news of tourism in Russia and abroad.

"Creating a unified information platform will integrate tourism resources of all the subjects of the Russian Federation and will offer unique opportunities to promote the tourism product," — said at the presentation of the deputy head of the Federal Tourism Agency Dmitry Amunts. portal was developed jointly by experts RIA Novosti and the Federal Tourism Agency, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Russian regions TIC staff.

"In autumn 2012 the President of Russia issued a decree according to which work began on the creation of the country’s tourist navigation system. The central part of this system will be a national tourism portal, launched today, "- said Amunts, adding that in September plans to open version of the portal in English, while in December — in Chinese.

In turn, General Director of RIA NovostiNikolai Biryukovnoted that the work on the project was only a first step."Today we are launching a portal platform of the future, has created a system of collecting and processing information. But work on the project will be ongoing. Russia — an immense country and every region, every city deserves a special attention. But there is little to tell about everything and show it is also necessary to adapt and translate this information into other languages. We’re going to be involved in the process of those people for whom the project is important and interesting — as those who work in the Russian tourism, as well as those who travel by Russia, that is, in fact, all of us ", — He said.
Unification of TIC.

Commenting on the results of the last meeting of the leaders and staff of the Russian tourist information centers, Amunts noted that the success of the running Tuesday portal is to combine the capacity of all tourist information centers and organizations carrying out their functions.

"In order to unify the activities of tourist information centers, we have set up this meeting Coordinating Council, the purpose of which is to prepare proposals for improving the efficiency of TITsev and possibly combining them into one of the existing legal forms under Russian law. A member of the Coordinating Council is open to any Russian TIC. It’s enough to wish and to join the work of one of the working groups. During the summer, these groups will develop principles and founding documents of the future union. We hope that in the business program of the 19th International Tourism Exhibition"Recreation / Leisure 2013?(Will be held September 17-20 in Moscow — Ed.) New public association of tourism will see the light ", — Said the deputy head of the Federal Tourism Agency.

The seminar was attended by 46 representatives of Russian TIC representing 38 regions of Russia.

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