Officially launched the construction of the railway Kyzyl-Kuragino

Today, October 21, 2011, the transfer of the project for the construction of railway Kyzyl-Kuragino in the active stage, it was reported at a workshop at the chairman of the government of the Republic of Tyva S. Kara-ool.

"The total cost of the construction of the railway Kyzyl-Kuragino is about 136 billion rubles. Of these, 87 billion rubles. will be invested directly Yenisei Industrial Company. The remaining 49 billion rubles. will the state through the fund. YPC also plans to invest about 30 billion rubles. the development Elegest "- said R. Baysarov financial conditions of the project.

Already in 2012 Yenisei Industrial Company plans to enter on the performance of one million tons per year, which will be increased in 2013 to 2-2.5 million tons

Among the participants of today’s meeting — Leonid Bereshansky, Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Railway Transport, Vladimir Tokarev, Deputy Minister of Regional Development of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Kuzichev, deputy governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Denis Travin, director of investment projects of Ministry of Regional Development and others. The delegation of the Yenisei Industrial Company headed by one of its shareholders, Ruslan Baysarov, who served as CEO.
Leonid Bershanskaya in his speech explained the funding scheme: "The investor will bear most of the financial burden on yourself. All the necessary documents are ready, in the investment agreement made the necessary adjustments. Part of the road, which is funded by the state, after construction will be handed over to the authorized capital of Russian Railways. The part to be financed directly Yenisei Industrial Company will be transferred in trust Railways. This will ensure that the road is public, it will be transported by cargo and passengers economic purposes. This is a very important moment. "

The importance of the project for the social development of the region noted by all participants in the meeting. According to preliminary estimates after the project design capacity of the sum of all the tax deductions will be about 13 billion rubles. per year, of which 10 billion rubles. — Directly to the budget of the Republic of Tyva. It predicts that the region will be one of the most favorable in terms of income per capita.

Construction of the road will greatly improve the employment situation: unemployment is now one of the major social problems of the country. About 15 thousand Tuva will be able to work on the construction and future maintenance of the road and in the field development. Also, an estimated 10 thousand people will be able to work in a small business, the occurrence of which will be stimulated by the realization of such a large project. Already, the government began retraining rail profile in the country’s universities. Ad Hoc Group "railroad" is gaining Kyzyl College Road.

The scale of the current project is the fact that this will be the biggest-longest railway, built with the participation of private capital in the territory of Russia. Its total length is about 401 km (during construction will be constructed 117 bridges and seven tunnels).

"We and the government are committed to the speedy implementation of the project. We have the potential to become an example of successful public-private partnership, without which such large-scale projects to implement practically impossible "- said Ruslan Baysarov outcome of the meeting.

According to the project, the total length of the main line will be 411.7 km of which 288 km will be held at the Krasnoyarsk Territory, 123.7 km — on the territory of the Republic of Tuva. The railway will be held in the area of human settlements Bugurtak, Kachulka, Piedmont, Upper and Lower Kuzhebar in the Krasnoyarsk region, as well as Arzhaan and Eerbek in Tuva. Consent was given for the laying of the railway on the territory of the Nature Park Ergaki, which helped to reduce the overall length of the course of almost 50 km. During the construction of the experience will be laying railways in protected natural areas in Canada. Also, the track will pass through the widely known "Valley of the Kings." The general plan agreed upon by all stakeholders, and almost without prejudice to existing graves.
The road is designed as a single-track electrified, it will be built on 7 stations, sidings 12, 830 man-made structures, including 180 bridges with a total length of 21 thousand 248 m, and 7 tunnels with a total length of 4 751.9 thousand m

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