Officials abroad to 4 times higher than in Russia

One of the "myths of opposition" in Russia — the excess value of our officials. But in developed countries, their numbers more — at times. In the U.S., the number of bureaucrats is growing, and their income is almost 2 times higher than the national average.

The American newspaper USAToday learned, that for 5 years, the number of officials with an annual income of more than $ 150,000 per year has increased 10 times. Those receiving more than 180,000 dollars, was on 2,000% more over the same period.

For example, the U.S. Department of Defense in 2005 was 9 officers with earnings of 170,000 dollars a year, and in June of 2010 — 994 people.

This diagram shows how much more on average, state employees compared to the private sector:

The total number of only federal officials in the U.S. was 2.1 million.

The growth in their numbers occurred against the background of a sharp increase in unemployment in the private sector:



In Russian officials only 510,000 people. It is easy to calculate that Russia in population behind the U.S. by 2.2 times, but the number of federal officials in it less than 4 times. Thus, Russia’s per capita bureaucrats have about 2 times less than in the U.S..

A much larger number of officials in developed countries than in Russia and the world confirms statistics. For example, in 2006 the total population by 1000 the number of bureaucrats (central and municipal officials, elected officials) in a number of countries were as follows: France — 71.7 in the U.S. — 70.4 in Japan — 33.4 in Norway — 24.7 South Korea — 18.5. In Russia in 2006, there were 1.46 million officials at various levels, so that by 1000 the Russians accounted for just over 10 officials. In 2009, the number of officials in Russia amounted to 1.64 million people.

At the same time Russia over the past 300 years by the number of bureaucrats is always inferior to developed countries.

According to surveys Director of the Federal Archival Service of Vladimir Kozlov, in 1826, for every thousand residents in the UK accounted 4.1 official in France — 4.81, and only 1.3 in Russia.

On the eve of the 1917 Revolution Russia totaled 576,000 civil servants, while in England at three times their smaller population was 779,000 in the United States with a population of one and a half times smaller — 1 million 275 thousand. Thus, it appears that, given the population of the Russian Empire was 5-8 times less than civil servants, officials, than in developed countries. It is easy to see that this ratio is preserved to this day.

It should also be borne in mind that not all Russian officials are public servants directly. For example, at the beginning of 2001 for the protection of personnel and maintenance of buildings was more than 120,000 people, or 10% of the total payroll of employees of state and municipal agencies. Surely, this ratio remained to this day.

Untenable and the myth of a sudden, at times, increasing the number of bureaucrats in Russia in comparison with the USSR. According to the CSB ("Work in the USSR", 1988, p. 30), in the mid-1980s, the total number of people employed in management in the USSR ranged from 2 million to 2.4 million, at a fraction of the RSFSR accounted for about 40% of the officials in those years — that is, — 0.8-1 million.

However, as Recalls American researcher Scott Gehlbach, the number of bureaucrats in all former socialist countries has increased dramatically because the state apparatus had to take over many functions previously performed by the ruling communist parties and their subdivisions (same YCL). In the same RSFSR party and Komsomol activists "salaried", took part in the public administration, there were about 400,000 people. That is, to the above 0.8-1 million Soviet officials may be added to their number and get the total number of bureaucrats in the 1.2-1.4 million people — it’s about 20-35% more than the number of current officials.

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