Officials of the tender commission checks on a lie detector

Sergei Sobyanin: Two-thirds of the members of tender committees have not passed a lie detector.

"In the conduct of these activities are two-thirds of employees of tender boards were suspended. Occurred to replace them," — said Acting Mayor, stressing that in general have been laid off hundreds of employees.

Metropolitan officials will continue to check on a polygraph, told reporters Acting Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin after a meeting of the Council on combating corruption. The mayor said that he considered such a mechanism to verify the effective and help to make all processes in the system of public procurement transparent and efficient. 

The total volume of public procurement in Moscow is about 600 billion rubles. year. Due to changes made to the system of training and the competition, the prices of goods and services procured was reduced on average by 20%.

"Today, the established system — one of the most efficient in the country," — said Sobyanin, noting that a year saves about 150 billion rubles.

According to him, the Moscow authorities intend to ensure that corruption does not interfere with the development of the city, had no effect on the management processes. "We have this systematically and seriously engaged" — said Acting Mayor.

In particular, it was decided that none of the heads of the capital management could not hold office for more than seven years. "Many years of work in one place does not give that vigilance eyes to the shortcomings that exist in a given area," — said Acting Mayor of Moscow.

In the spring of 2013. reported that the State Duma is preparing amendments to the law "On Combating Corruption", according to which officials would have to pass a polygraph test during the occupation of positions in the state apparatus.

According to a member of the Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption, United Russia Ilya Kostunova, lie detector tests will be particularly useful for appointment to the posts related to the distribution of budget funds.

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