Offset: Alligators for Mistral and the BrahMos for Talwar

After the interview, the General Director of "Rosoboronexport" Anatoly Isaikina eve of the IMDS-2013, online Rostekhnadzor appeared two articles share a common theme: offset. I suggest a bit of information about the offset transactions and that the said Anatoly Isaykin.

Currently, many export contracts for the supply of military products is accompanied by offset, in which the exporting country agrees to spend some money on high technology, determined by the importing country.

  • Russian warships for the Indian Navy
  • Russian warships for the Indian Navy

Anatoly Isaykin said that Russia is ready to build for the Indian side a series of 3-4 ships of project 11356 "Talwar" with improved characteristics. If such a decision is taken, India can offer Russian as part offset purchase supersonic missile "BrahMos" to arm the Russian ships.

 "Project 11356 frigates for 10 years successfully serving in the Indian Navy" — recalled the General Director of "Rosoboronexport". "They have significantly improved the combat readiness of the fleet and allow to solve a wide range of tasks. At the same time Russian developers are constantly working to improve them, "- said Isaykin.

For the Russian Navy’s decision to build six frigates in 2016 to change the project 11356 for the Black Sea Fleet to attack missile complex "Caliber-NK". These include frigates "Admiral Grigorovich", "Admiral Essen", "Admiral Makarov", "Admiral Butakov", "Admiral Istomin" and "Admiral Kornilov." The first four ships laid in 2010-2012. The head frigate "Admiral Grigorovich" will be delivered in 2014.

"Russia is building for the Black Sea fleet modernized six frigates of Project 11356, similar to those that are in service with the Indian Navy. Impact missile "BrahMos" is ideal for those ships, and could be set for them in the course of construction ", — said the head of the" BrahMos Aerospace, "Dr. Sivathanu Pillai.

"Missiles" BrahMos "are made of Russian-Indian joint venture" BrahMos Aerospace "and showed the highest reliability and efficiency in all 37 launches performed up to the present time", — said S.Pilley.

Also available for sale in France Ka-52K as the offset for the purchase of the third and 4th Mistral.

"In the case of procurement of Russia third and fourth ships of this type can raise the question of how to offset part was the purchase of French Mistral ships for the Navy and Tonnere Russian Ka-52K" Alligator "- said the" Interfax "the deputy director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies Michael Drums.

  • Ka-52K offer French
  • Ka-52K offer French

According to him, the equipment of the Russian French helicopter "sea" Ka-52K "Alligator" will significantly increase their combat potential, and hence the export opportunities.

Offset deal— Kind of compensation deal for the purchase of imported goods, which is an essential condition of counterclaim to invest part of the funds of the contract value in the economy of the importing country. In world practice, offset transactions are most common in the import of products of the military-industrial complex, but are also found in the civilian sector in the procurement of high-value products, especially high-tech.

Buyer and the supplier (seller) contract for the supply of certain equipment with a certain cost. Thus, it may be a contract, and a series of interrelated agreements. Buyer seller lists 100% of the cost of equipment thereby closing the deal on their part. Seller transfers the products, and in addition to the conditions prescribed in the contract, send part of the proceeds from the transaction for execution of offset obligations or transfers certain proprietary technology buy-side.

Offset deal is an encumbrance for the seller, but since this mechanism is almost always used only in industries with expensive products (aviation, defense industry, shipbuilding, etc.), the buyer has the ability to dictate terms. In this case, the negative effect of the inclusion of offset obligations in the contract is the appreciation of its value. This is due to the fact that the provider is laying in her cost of the offset programs.


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