Oil and gas reserves in Russia in 2011 increased

Photo source:lenta.ru

Hydrocarbon reserves in Russia on the basis of geological surveys in 2011 have increased. This was stated by the Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology Yury Trutnev, RIA Novosti reported. According to preliminary data, oil reserves increased by 600 million tons, and gas at 900 billion cubic meters.

These figures are significantly higher than the annual production of the relevant natural resources. According to various forecasts, oil this year will produce 500-520 million tons, gas — a little more than 660 billion cubic meters.

According to Trutnev, Russia sixth consecutive year, increasing stocks of essential minerals. He added, however, that the final results of exploration for this year will be announced in January and February.

According to the evaluation of the oil company BP in its annual "Statistical Review of World Energy", in 2010, the growth of oil reserves in Russia amounted to 100 million tons, and natural gas — about 400 billion cubic meters.

At the end of 2010, Russia ranked first in the world in terms of gas reserves (44.8 trillion cubic meters), while the oil was in 7th place, behind a number of countries in the Persian Gulf and Venezuela. In this case, the extraction of oil is the leader of Russia, and gas production is second only to the United States.

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