Oil began to sell for rubles

St. Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange

 Photo source:foto.ru

Aug. 16 at the St. Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange was the first deal for the sale of crude oil. According to experts, this is an important event for our country — began to sell oil in rubles.

Trading oil on the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange began in June of this year. But the transactions until this week was conducted. The first deal is not struck by its size — it amounted to 10 million rubles. Total sold 1 million tons of oil price of 10 thousand rubles per ton. But as the saying goes: step is the hardest. At the stock exchange plan with the growth of trading in oil "to proceed to the calculation of the price index value of Russian oil-based exchange-traded and OTC transactions, as well as the launch of oil derivatives."

Experts draw attention to the money from the sales of raw materials — in dollar terms, it is about $ 50 per barrel. This means that the oil was sold on the Russian domestic market — in this case does not take into account the export duty. So it remains to find foreign buyers wishing to pay in rubles. Ruble price for our oil is already defined.

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