OJSC KAMAZ. Part 1. The assembly of engines

Recently, as part of the tour, visited the production assembly lines of "KAMAZ". This trip will be the subject of several reports. The first part will discuss how to collect the heart of the machine — the engine ….


GC "KAMAZ" brief summary:

The group of companies "KAMAZ" — the largest automobile corporation of the Russian Federation. OJSC "KAMAZ" occupies the 16th place among the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy trucks.

August 16, 1969 the first stone. Began construction of the Kama Automobile Plant.

December 13, 1969 the first bucket of earth removed when planning the first object of the future auto giant — Base Logistics.

February 16, 1976 with the main assembly line automobile plant off the first Kama truck.

In 1988, the mother assembly conveyor of the automobile plant came one millionth vehicle since the beginning of the issue.

In February 2008, with the main assembly line engine plant came down the 2.5-millionth engine.

February 15, 2012 "KAMAZ" released two millionth car.

It all starts with the engine block ..

Single production complex group of organizations of "KAMAZ" covers the entire technological cycle of production of trucks — from design, manufacturing, assembling vehicles and components to marketing of finished products and service maintenance.

Naberezhnye Chelny on the industrial site located foundry and forging plants, engine plant, Press and Stamping Plant, Automobile Factory, Repair Tool Plant, Industrial Park "Master" and "Remdizel." The largest of subsidiaries outside the city of Naberezhnye Chelny: JSC "NEFAZ" and JSC "Tuimazy mixers" (Republic of Bashkortostan), JSC "Trailer KAMAZ Inc." (Stavropol).

Today, a group of organizations "KAMAZ" includes more than 150 companies located in Russia, the CIS and far abroad.

Since the beginning of 2012 produced spare parts worth more than 13 billion rubles and diversification products worth more than 11 billion rubles.

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