OJSC Moscow River Shipping (MCI) in 2012 increased the freight by 20%

OJSC "Moscow River Shipping" (MCI) in 2012 increased the navigation freight by 20% compared with the navigation period of 2011. Total fleet shipping company transported during the year 5,440,000 tons of cargo. On this portal, "The Russian navigation," said assistant general manager of MCI Elena Romashova.

Also in 2012, the Ministry of Natural Resources fleet, leased, was transported another 1.1 million tons of cargo (up to that of 2011 33%).
Last year the shipping company engaged in passenger transportation. As a result of navigating the court MCI transported more than 617 thousand passengers, which is 15% lower than in 2011.

The fleet of MCI 130 vessels, including 61 passenger vessel, 26 barge-tug combination, 9 cargo ships, 11 floating cranes, floating gidrorazgruzhatelya 3, 3 and 17 units of the auxiliary hydraulic dredge fleet.

Sand mining enterprises of MCI in 2012 increased by 35% compared to 2011 and amounted to 4.3 million tons. The volume of cargo handling companies MCI Group grew by 33% to 10.8 million tons.

The history of the Moscow River Shipping Company is a May 29, 1857. The group also includes MCI of "South Port", LLC "Kimri Port", LLC "Port Kassimov", JSC "Port Serpukhov", JSC "Mosturflot" Capital Shipping Company and the Moscow marina.

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