OJSC Moscow Shipyard protected by armor boats made of composite materials


From 23-26 October 2012 Moscow shipbuilding and ship repair facility took part in the XVI International Exhibition of State Security «INTERPOLITEX-2012", which took place at the All-Russia Exhibition cents. (VVC).

For the first time in the Russian market MSSZ together with its partner CJSC "Company Marine engineering" in the expositions of professionals and visitors line of armored multipurpose craft projects MRV14, HSB20, multipurpose ship Greyhound Project 22180 and Project 21770 multi-purpose boat. While maintaining the excellent seaworthiness and ride characteristics, upgraded boat protect the crew from virtually the entire spectrum of handguns.

Book your boat is achieved by the use of the ship’s structure material Aramat. This material is a multilayer structure consisting of carbon fiber and fiber glass fiber material Twaron, giving to the whole structure required level of safety.

The vessel made of composite part is 30% less weight than a similar conventional vessel of an aluminum alloy, and the material is exposed to sunlight and seawater which minimizes maintenance costs. But the main factor is the protection and safety of the crew.

Moscow shipbuilding and ship repair facility intends to continue to work on the improvement and introduction of new technologies in the field of shipbuilding and passenger katernogo production.




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