OJSC Power Machines manufactured and tested to the second turbine generator gas turbine Novokuznetsk

As part of the implementation of "Kuzbassenergo" (part of "Siberian Generating Company") of the investment project to build a gas-turbine power station Novokuznetsk (Novokuznetsk GTPS) "Power Machines" manufactured and tested a second turbine generator.

The first turbine generator was manufactured in April of this year. Currently, the production sites of "Power Machines", work continues on the production of two gas turbines for gas turbine Novokuznetsk. Delivery of power to the "Kuzbassenergo" will be completed in the third quarter of 2012.

The contract for the manufacture and supply of two gas turbines, complete with generators, as well as services for installation supervision and commissioning supervision of the equipment supplied was signed "Power Machines" with "Sibirenergoengineering" — the general contractor for the construction of gas turbine Novokuznetsk — in December 2010.

"Kuzbassenergo" started construction of Novokuznetsk gas turbine power plant at the site of the Kuznetsk thermal power station in November 2011. The new power plant is built as part of the contract for supply of power. The project envisages the construction of two gas turbines with total capacity of 298 megawatts (MW 2h149). Commissioning of the gas turbine Novokuznetsk is scheduled for December 2013.

In addition to the equipment for gas turbine power plant Novokuznetsk "Power Machines" also manufacture and supply steam turbines and turbine generators for two more power plants "Kuzbassenergo" — Tom-Usinsk and Belovo. "Power Machines" will put two steam turbines of 115 MW for Tom-Usinsk station, as well as two turbines of 225 MW and two turbine generator to them for Belovo. Equipment deliveries will begin in September 2012 and will be completed in June 2013.

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