OJSC Rostelecom builds in the cities of Perm Krai new fiber-optic network

Company "Rostelecom" in several cities of Perm region started construction of new optic technology GPON. In particular, the residents of Solikamsk this fall will be able to connect the internet at high speeds.

GPON technology or fiber-optic network allows for one and the same cable to connect multiple services: in addition to Internet access and interactive TV is already familiar landline phone. As a result, the apartment is carried out only one wire instead of three, the quality of services is increasing, and their number is determined by the user.

GPON — it’s gigabit optical network. In fact, it means the technology, in which from the exchange to the home or office extends straight wire, which gives an increase Internet speed by ten times. Speaking at a Glance — it goes up to 100 Mbit / s. This technology has many advantages: digital telephony in the GPON allows you to connect multiple phone numbers. In this room is not tied to the address of residence — in the case of moving it can take home with them. Moreover, during the optics in their home improves the image quality of Interactive TV, increasing the number of available HD-channels, — said the director of the Perm branch of OJSC "Rostelecom" Nicholas Caplin.

The development of GPON technology in Solikamsk — the next step in the modernization of communication networks in the Perm region. Make life more comfortable allow subscribers contract between "Rostelecom" and one of the largest Russian supplier of IT-solutions.

For the record

GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) — a rapidly developing, the most promising technology for broadband access over optical fiber. Today in Perm company sells its ubiquitous "Rostelecom". Since the optical fiber has a gigabit bandwidth, Internet-connected on the "optics", can be considered flawless. In addition, the technology allows you to get all the services at the same time: fixed telephony, SIP-telephony, Internet, Interactive TV, including in 3D.

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