OJSC Turboatom shipped turbine wheel for the Dniester

PSP (Ukraine)


August 1, 2013 "Turboatom" shipped rotor wheel for the second unit of the Dniester Pumped Storage Station.

Wheel diameter is 7.3 m, weight — 120 tons of such transport bulky cargo will be carried out by special transporter carrying up to 300 tons and a length of 36.5 m because of the unique equipment Novodnestrovsk transportation to the city of Chernivtsi region will be about 5 days.

Load overcome distance of 1100 km, driving along the 80 bridges, dams and overpasses in 7 regions of Ukraine. The total weight of the cargo and the carrier is about 164 tons Itinerary from Kharkov to Bukovina was developed and agreed to appropriate services. Were carried out to study and repair of roads and bridges throughout the route of the impeller.

Early "Turboatom" shipped turbine shaft. Today, the production is a turbine cover, ring and shutter mechanisms turbine. The completion of the supply of equipment for the second hydraulic unit is planned for 2013.

For the Dniester PSP "Turboatom" produces a reversible Francis turbine ORI 170-B-730 maximum capacity of 390 MW turbine mode, with the pump — 420 MW. The uniqueness of the hydraulic units is that they operate in a "pump-turbine" and allow the use in night time accumulated for hydro power production during peak loads (Voltage consumption schedules.)

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