Oka shipyard launched the eleventh tanker RST27 and received an order for 20 tankers RST54

Today at the Oka Shipyard took Launching eleventh tanker project RST27 "VF Tanker — 21".

Vessels of RST27 designed to carry crude oil and petroleum products without restrictions for flash. They satisfy the dimensions of the Volga-Don Canal and Volga-Baltic Waterway.

The vessel is equipped with two rotary steerable propellers, forecastle and poop, characterized aft deckhouse and engine and boiler room, has a double bottom, double sides and trunk in the cargo tanks.

Also during the ceremony of launching it became known that a new order. "I can say right now about a new order for the construction of 20 tankers RST54. This is unique for Russian ships that are more maneuverable and can carry not only oil, but also the rubble," — declared the director of a shipping and shipbuilding activities of "Transport Asset Management . "

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