Okhotskrybvod exceeded the plan for the production of farmed salmon

Reared fry of pink, chum and coho salmon went to sea. 

"Setting the production done by 106% to 10,310,800 shares of juveniles"- And said. about. Head of the department of reproduction of aquatic biological resources Dmitry Vohmin.

According to him, pink salmon produced 2,175,000 units, representing 101.2% of the set plan to 2.150 million young salmon — 5,972,000 units (103.2% of the plan), coho salmon fingerlings — 1,124,000 units (119.4%) and coho salmon yearlings — 1.040 million units (122.3%). On rearing in natural waters is 0,390 million units of juvenile coho salmon.

As the press service of the territorial administration of Okhotsk Rosrybolovstva the beginning of August for the catch of Pacific salmon hatchery reached 12.6872 tons, accounting for 10.4% of the allotted limit. In all of these goals has to catch 122 tonnes of salmon.

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