Okhotskrybvod released in the Sea of Okhotsk 1.5 million chum salmon fry

Experts FGBU "Okhotskrybvod" released in Merry Old Bay Sea of Okhotsk 1.5 million chum salmon fry, reported the head of the territorial administration of Okhotsk Rosrybolovstva Natalia Uchueva.

"This volume will be included in the overall plan for the implementation of the state task FGBU" Okhotskrybvod. "Federal Fisheries Agency has set the task to produce 29,970,000 pieces of juveniles. Goszakaz made almost 90%," — said N.Uchueva. She added that over the past 10 years, the annual volumes of juvenile Pacific salmon from hatcheries Kolyma are about 20 million pieces. Of these, salmon, both the foreground object, accounting for less than 10 million units, but according N.Uchuevoy, fish farmers in the region are not yet able to reach a high.


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