Old American-jerk about young Americans Dukes

Over the past few weeks, this news almost was not, and even terrifying euro-crisis made up his mind, as expected, the summer break. And our national experts in public opinion research and highbrow pundits (in between the forecasts are the upcoming November elections) found interesting statistics. They found that many (although certainly not all) of the so-called Generation Y, which is famous for having given such questions as: "Why work?", "Why make money?", "Why wear a prestigious clothes? "ask other questions:" Why do not drive the car? "," Why even have a car? "," Why go anywhere at all? "(The letter «Y» sounds just like the question word «why» — «Why" — approx. Trans.).

They no longer believe that a driver's license allowing them to escape from the suffocating embrace of the parent. Car for them — an outdated symbol of prestige, which is acquired by the BMW emblem or Mercedes. And self-esteem, which has expanded and swelled to such an extent that, as the owner himself is well aware already far exceeded the cost of the car. 

Generation Y is kept away from it all aside. They do not understand that exhilarating feeling that we experienced with you, when my father for the first time gave us the keys to the car and ordered to return home no later than 23:00 (sternly warned, "that in the cabin did not have any stains or beer, God forbid, from something else! "). Instead, the new generation Y kids were giddy moments abruptly when their eager little fingers to feel their love and awe the first time in their lives smartphones.  

"So are these assholes young nobodies — snort members of the older generation — do not you understand that the machine — this is freedom, the ability to go where you want to chat with friends, and take the girls (gyy!) … even engage in juvenile sex?" 

So I have news for you: it is we, old people do not understand anything. After all, they have it all — they are armed with all sorts of-art electronic gadgets, they are adept in their social networks, which can be tightly and quickly communicate and exchange ideas and experiences with countless "friends." Do not they need arises "really" get in the car and go to flick the open air?

Financial transactions, shopping, games, movies … for all that you have to go to banks, shops, sports competitions, and it is boring and unnecessary. Generation Y is on the threshold of a new era of human evolution: experience everything and come in anywhere. Well, meet the opposite sex for fun? No way! After all, this is a smart phone! Why traipse in expensive clubs? And when you get rid of the need to actually meet — face to face, feeling embarrassed, and that's when fastened virtual novels, quickly passing from one phase to another relationship. I can not bore the reader and to disclose the details of how many sons and daughters of the generation Y is regular and without tension circulate such pictures that are better than their parents do not see it? .. Such an exchange of the most secret and most personal is quick and anonymous. And, unlike the expensive cafes, it is not necessary to have a lot of money. Sharing this can still be considered a "safe" — no tumbling and other acrobatic tricks in the back seat. And in order to leave enough to lose to the "soap" a couple of messages, and then press the "delete".    

I've been thinking that with the development of electronic means of interactive communication and with increased levels of reliability and validity of the virtual world will be less and less people feel the need to travel. In 100 years of movement in general can be absolutely pointless and unnecessary — that now we're sitting here talking, and in the future, but all sides (of course, except the main character) will be present in the form of very high quality and credible holograms. We become sedentary couch potatoes — each at the center of its own virtual world, as a full owner. And then, in the future, these car brand will be as meaningless as the names of famous locomotives, which are in awe of my father told me. But all this will not happen immediately, but gradually. And I think that in that distant future does not fit our current car boom with essential attributes "my — steeper", "my — the engine is more powerful" and "mine — more expensive." 

Sad? Of course! But now we know what was the lover of horses, when the cars started their race and squeezing everything, have become the main means of transportation.

Bob Lutz (Bob Lutz) Forbes


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