Old Monastery

In the middle of the field, the island shines with golden domes of the old monastery — Nativity of St. Lukianova men’s deserts.

The old monastery generously reveals her beauty.

The ancient walls of Nativity of Holy Lukianovoy male desert — the very embodiment of Russian antiques, old monastery.



The old monastery, Nativity of St. Lukianova male deserts, founded in the 17th century by St. Lucian.

Leisurely stroll through the old monastery Lukianovoy desert.

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1707-1712) of the old monastery.

Temple of the Epiphany (1684) of the old monastery.

At the edge of an ancient pond in an old monastery under the old elm is an amazing bench. Perhaps it is more than 150 years.

Sitting on a bench in an old convent. Look at the reflection in the water of the old temple.

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