Oleg Copan happy to meet with their youth

The interview that Oleg Pavlovich gave football courier to the anniversary of 70 years. Let us remember ….

On his birthday, he arrived in Rostov-on-Don, a city that has brought him great fame. Paradoxically, the great master of remembered only … journalists. Rather, the editor of the newspaper "Football Courier" Victor Shpital’nik. That Viktor Borisovich initiated the meeting and event dedicated to the event. Officials of high caliber not complain Kopaeva their attention, instructing give gifts to leading experts their sports departments. Yes, how do they know — who is Kopaev — on the nose elections, what does any of the pensioner. In fact, the Grand Master, many of you will remember, remember — the fans and the like. Happy anniversary you!

Passengers eighth wagon train "Quiet Flows the Don", heading to Rostov had no idea who their companion in the last coupe — quiet, well-dressed man, by the end of the route is not protruding from the window. But many were surprised when they saw the completed platform, video cameras and the red carpet. The most curious were not too lazy to find out what happened to them was riding the famous football player, "the king of goals" Oleg dig.

Meanwhile, over the apron thundered march SKA, and bustling reporters together young students lined up rank football academy in the army club branded suits, approached former partner Oleg Pavlovich, so to say, comrades-in-arms. There was an impromptu meeting with a mass of warm words. Among others, spoke Gennady Stepushkin, head coach of SKA, Enver Yulgushov, director of the FSM "Rostov", Benjamin Spark, Vice-President of the "Club football veterans Don."

Thus began three anniversaries of the day.

To visit the famous striker Rostov press has shown an increased interest. And those who came to talk directly with Oleg Kopaev, an idol stands 60s, got a first-hand what they wanted to hear and communicate in the newspapers and on the air to readers, viewers and listeners.

Here are the most interesting statements hero of the day.

About Moscow and Rostov

— On the other Don air, I immediately felt. Honest. In the capital, live, life was so, for more than thirty years, and in Rostov come and breathe more freely, and my heart beating with excitement. All are the best time has passed here, a golden time. Actually Muscovite I did not become more Elchaninov by birth and by rostovchanin "vocation."


— The most premier goal, perhaps, scored in the match against the Olympic team of the Union of the German Democratic Republic. We both went to the cross — I head to the advancing goalkeeper Germans rigidly and violently threw himself toward his feet. Moment of luck did not escape me. If the five goals, as I remember, scored so much in one meeting in Brazil during a tour of the Soviet national team, but, clearly, not the team champions of the world, and some club, who performed a friendly sparring.

About Mentors

— I noticed in Voronezh ODO breeder CSK MO Demin, once the left edge of the legendary CDKA. It is, in fact, my godfather. In the CSK MO happen to be a full season under the supervision of Gregory Fedotov, who represent no need. In the FA Cup match Lvov and Rostov North Caucasus Military District (4:3 in Lviv, where I spoke, my goals at the gates of Victor Kikteva — the third and fourth) drew the attention of Peter Shcherbatenko, í head coach, he has initiated and my translation here. Well, Master Chief, of course, Viktor Maslov.

About Maslovia

— You know how we are set up to play Santa? About glasses or, for example, bonuses and out of the question. Maslov, when coming to the stadium and came into the locker room, Burch under his breath: "Maybe someone at us today come from?" — Came out to the field, looking around the stands, they returned and reported, how many people came, and the sell-out, it should be noted, in those days were common. "And they all believe in you, I do it, guys, do not move!" — Said Maslov so convincing that we were going to the lawn stimulated by, ready to break the opponent’s downright.

ABOUT ART hammer head

— This is coming from … the legs. Do not be surprised. During the war we are in Yelets (it is almost next to the very Kursk arc) overnight went from bombing the village. Ten kilometers there ten years ago. So his feet and pumped. Then they added a power skating, skates I was engaged with gusto, even won the championship of the Lipetsk region prize. In football everything handy. Sometimes, when the power of the legs above the goalie managed to jump out of hands.

About bombardirskie GLORY

— At the time of my take-off, when it won the sniper union dispute, our flank Gennady Matveyev on the sidelines complaining, "I am applying to you over the edge, you’re ever innings score, thank you — and I what?" The answer is: "Well, let’s change in some places. " Do not want to. And it is in fact goes to the frontline than scoring satisfaction and applause still stands as anyone bumps and bruises from the defenders and goalkeepers.

About the partners

— With half a word we understood each other with Alexei Eskova. Often it will show through the eyes where spurt, the ball flies to the point millimeter to millimeter, slaughter — I will not! He loved to play alongside Yuri Shikunova, however, the entire SKA 60s featured combinational good idea.

On the "swift-footed from Don"

— Yes, we were wrong in the first years of the class "A" was called. By choosing a good speed and great athletic performers ready all ran like deer. On the field, the players also have their conversations, we often rivals said that so rushing, stop, and let us take breath, and … myself.

On why do not go away from Rostov

— I Capital army club at first rejected, then, when played, pulling with great force. And what to look for from the good deed — in the SKA, especially in the era of Maslova, I got the game real fun, we always had a wonderful close-knit team. And hard on the game-coherent.

About Modern Football

— He does not like it. This is not whining, "the old man" in terms of "before the grass on the lawn was the best." Very large imbalance today between excessive monetary evaluation of the work and its quality. There is so much in the "Zenith" Arshavin pay — three and a half million "green" in the year, and in fact such as he is, let’s say, our Victor Getmanov turn around and would not give. I assure you, it is objectively. The Soviet school’s play was superior to the current Russian class. There is something to think about. So the current look of our championship game is extremely rare — it is boring the hell gray somehow … sad.


— I always went to the games in Moscow SKA later — "Rostselmash". Sasha liked Andryushchenko, Sergei Andreev, later Alex Gerasimenko, Dima Loskov, Oleg Pestryakov, Sasha Maslov Dmitry Kirichenko. Now see the "Rostov" — the nerves are not.


In honor of Oleg Kopaeva tournament was organized by the young players born in 1996. It was attended by the team "Rostov" SKA "Quad", "Youth of Russia" and OSDYUSSHOR-8. They are on the artificial turf of the stadium "Olympus-2" competed in round robin. Guys won "Rostov". The best player of the tournament trophy from the hands of Kopaeva got Ilya Yurchenko ("Rostov"), and became the top scorer Leo Goglichidze (SKA), who scored three goals.

While the matches were held, Oleg Pavlovich met with the boys of different ages. Dime gave a peculiar interview Saprunova, "colleague", a center forward, "Rostov", who scored 18 in the championship field goals, Igor Artemov, left midfielder, Artem Kuleshov, Shchegolkov wife, both in the role of "behind the strikers." They have a player interested in many legends, then got the autograph of "Grandmaster of attack."

Remembering days gone by

Of those who spoke Oleg Kopaev playing career in the era of Rostovites remain in service Kiktev Victor Valentin Egorov, Yuri Shikunov, Valery Burov, Alexander Shevchenko, Anatoliy Chertkov, Sergey Shklar, Givi Anfimiadi, Valery Sinai. Unfortunately, due to illness, Shevchenko Egorov, Chertkov could not come for the anniversary celebrations. But tightened Anzor Chikhladze and Alexander Pleshakov, the former coach at Kopaeva-doubles in the SKA, Enver Yulgushov, Valentine Hahonov, Benjamin Spark, Adrian lived and Valery Korneev of "Rostselmash".

On friendly gatherings remembered days gone by. We called pribolevshy. Remembered in a good light to those who had gone forever — George Mosaleva, Alexei Bocharov, Anatoly Guschina, Alexandra Krivoborodova, many others who have remained in the memory of football.

Warmly congratulated the hero of the day, they delivered the gifts Vice President Alexander SKA ruin and head of the team "Bataiysk 2007" Boris Belik.

"Thank you, — summed up the anniversary visit to the Don Oleg Pavlovich. — Nice to see that my modest person in Rostov not forgotten, is happy to see old friends and great partners, to remember their youth.

Yevgeny Serov, Viktor Shpital’nik, "Football courier"

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