Oleg Dolmatov: growth next year will bring full stands

Dolmatova I had known at different times. And in victory when the trumpets blaring, and the stands chanted his name. And in the grave, where he remained out of business. Today, the head coach of "growth" back on the horse. He can afford to smile and joke in response to a request for an interview is not cautiously asks, "And maybe you should not?" [B] — Well, that Oleg, I do now, then you can breathe easy? [/ B] — If we talk about the task of returning to the Premier League, then it seems to have managed to cope. But the soul still hurts — somehow everything will develop further? And if you already do not start thinking about the future, there is nothing good in the future, we will not wait. As for the rest, it’s usually people in our profession it is only a dream. [Cut] [b] — And then, as winter is starting from scratch, often in dreams is? [/ B] — Only a nightmare. That the December situation when a team has only a few players, and the rest fled, except nightmare will not name. Ahead was the uncertainty and emptiness. [B] — What helped to survive? [/ B] — First of all, the fact that the team did not turn away from the regional administration. Secondly, we do not fall into a panic and everyone continued to do its job. Here special thanks to the well-known agent Pavel Andreev and athletic director Alexander Shikunova. It is thanks to them we came Gerus, Astafev, leather, Kozlov, Shaban Kulchiy, Shtaniuk. Many thanks to our captain and aspen Michael, who had a few offers from other clubs, but remained in Rostov. [B] — Football players were selected by some game model, or had to be content with those whom God has sent the shuttle? [/ B] — As there was no choice, we had to take the second path. Already in the course of studying the possibility of newcomers. Someone, for example, Kulchiy and Shtaniuk I knew before. Based on this model and build a game. The process was difficult, tense. And the first round we pulled on the character. It’s nice that there were no openings to which I refer Zivanovic defender and midfielder Hong Yong-Jo. [B] — When you feel that a return to league premr real? [/ B] — After the first round match in Krasnodar. "Growth" has spent his confident, reliable, with a good game reserve. [B] — And the club became even afford to sell players? [/ B] — You mean Bendza? The fact that his position in the center of defense we took the perspective Denisov. Why did not object when Bendza received an offer of "Terek". As for Burmistrov, Getigezheva, Ivanova, Kireyeva, Kirilenko and Ponomariov, they just did not fall into the composition. And let them go because they knew — children need to play, not sit on the bench. [B] — Can we say that today, in the "Rostov" all lines are balanced and staffed? [/ B] — To a large extent, yes. But if possible, be sure to try to strengthen further and attack. — As far as today’s "growth" ready for testing in the Premier League? [B] — As a team, solving serious problems, certainly need to be leaders. Who do you think those in "Chicago"? [/ B] — They are found in every line — Gerus, Kulchiy, Shtaniuk, Zivanovic, aspen. [B] — Which team showed football matches worthy of the Premier League? [/ B] — Almost in all the meetings with the leaders. In the second round with the "Ural", away from the "Siberia", at home and away with the "Kuban". It was worthy of checking before step forward. [B] — A game that you want to forget, happened? [/ B] — Fortunately, these still do not remember. [B] — Some people think that, surely earn points, "growth" to the middle of the tournament did not show spectacular game. Do you agree? [/ B] — Yes. But it should be borne in mind that the team and the game is re-created. In addition, even the weight of responsibility for the outcome pressed. Now, closer to the finish line, we show a good football. And the home game with the "Kuban" is confirmed. [B] — What is "growth" is not going full stands, worry? [/ B] — I’m sure this is a temporary phenomenon. Rostov fans are very fussy. And he wants to see our rivals clubs of another rank. Come here for the opening of next season and you will see a very different picture. [B] — Five years ago, you were already working in the first division. How it has changed over that time? [/ B] — Gone is the sharp distinction between leaders and laggards. Lightweight glasses now are not guaranteed to anyone. It has also become much more talented players. He grew up a team game level. This was even a cup match can be judged. For example, the "Siberia" beats away "Wings," CSKA "locomotive" hard-win "Baltic" and "Hero". But these teams — not the leaders of the first league. Also judge. [B] — As far as today’s "growth" ready for testing in the Premier League? [/ B] — While it is difficult to answer this question. Give some thought to the end of the season. [B] — Another year of coaching made you change something in yourself? [/ B] — They say that time changes people. Perhaps this is not about me. As before each game — the nerves, emotions overlap. Apparently, this does not get rid have never been. [B] Alexander Lvov [/ b], Rostov-on-Don — Moscow

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