Oleg Dolmatov: HAPPY coach who was right about the player character

Usually talk to the coach whose team had created a small football feat — a pleasure: They consistently frank and friendly. But the morning after the victory over the mighty blasts "Zenith" head coach "growth" was noticeably tense. [B] — Still not recovered from yesterday’s match, Oleg? [/ B] — You guessed it. Almost all night — all in the memory replayed moments of the game. [B] — Which of these is most often remembered? [/ B] — A lot: the error in the attacks that started very promising, and the good times when in the most difficult situations, the guys did not act on the rebound, and went out of them pass through. In the debut of "Zenith" has given us to understand that the biggest challenges would be on the flanks. After all, if, say, Danny let loose to score — you’re in trouble. But the job to play against him personally did not give. A major role here assigned Astafevu. [Cut] [b] — Do not be too risky, translating this attacking midfielder in defense? [/ B] — A release was not simple. In preparation for the match, in a bilateral meeting, I tried on this position Zivanovic. But he — a typical center back and on the wing was obviously uncomfortable. But the speed reasoned Astafevu there is the place. It turns out guessing. [B] — Some more problems with the determination of the composition were? [/ B] — How long wondered with how many forwards play. And in the end realized that to give the initiative "Zenith" is like death. In Petrograd very active full-backs Anyukov and Kim Dong-jin, and in the middle line can spoil a lot of blood Ziryanov with Semshovym. And if you do not try to impose our game, hopefully it will not. So I had to lay out his trump card. Very counted on the activity Lebedenco Gatskana left and right, although the latter is not yet completely recovered from the disease. But he and the other worked best. Plus a bunch of mobility showed Akimov — Akhmetovich. Well, the 12th player became our platform. [B] — Are you one of those coaches who can donate entertainment and play on defense? [/ B] — I admit, it’s not my rules. In addition, I think that it is generally harmful. Well, as I told the players: let’s all 90 minutes to beat the game and izuroduem for one point? Yes, even in Rostov! No risk in our profession does not happen. Fortunately, on Sunday, he justified. [B] — Scoring a goal, "growth" initiative "Zenith" gave deliberately or due to circumstances? After all, like has happened in your home game with the "locomotive" and exit — with the "Dynamo". [/ B] — When we took the lead, "Zenith" he added sharply. Went ahead, began to put pressure on the entire field. Naturally, it took some time to recover. But you saw that then we have regained the game Understand: I have almost a new team, and at least five rounds it took her to run-in. It took the test battle — believe in meetings with CSKA and "Zenith" we passed it. [B] — What was the reaction to the decision Biglova when he pointed to the 11-meter mark? [/ B] — I think the match referee had a very good level. In my opinion, this season the judges have not yet given any particular reason to doubt their qualifications and integrity. [B] — When Pogrebnyak scored a penalty, there was no thought: now the turning point? [/ B] — Was. Yes, there is another lawyer released Tymoshchuk, who knows how to close the middle of the field and to strengthen the attack. I remember at the time I called the guys to just one — endure! [B] — At a press conference, you said that to win against CSKA and "Zenith" was possible only at the expense of team spirit. Is it really so? [/ B] — Today — yes. To be honest, in the classroom, and we give CSKA and Zenit. But the greatest joy for a coach — not to be mistaken in the character of those with whom he works. [B] — As soon be back in operation Slivich, P., Circassian and Hong Yong-Jo? [/ B] — Unfortunately, Slivich seriously damaged his shoulder, and up to a month break in the championship count on him is not necessary. Petrovic was out for two to three weeks with a break hamstring. Circassian with the same injury finish the match with CSKA. Perhaps he, like Hone, for a meeting with the "Kuban" will already be in the ranks. [B] — how different you have the choice of tactics for home and away matches? [/ B] — First of all proceed from the fact who would have to meet. Studying the possibility of a rival and, of course, having the choice of their players. For example, an attack with the option Akimov — Akhmetovich does not mean that it represents only two forwards. Their organically can strengthen and Lebedenco with Gatskanom. But this is only one of the options. [B] — you expose yourself to assess the quality of his team’s games? [/ B] — Naturally. With the "Zenith" We played on a full-fledged five. In Rostov their football tradition at all times there was a team that attacks and plays to win. As it turns out, when it is impossible, but people are waiting for just that. Here we won, "Khimki" in a second-rate game, and to me personally that meeting did not bring satisfaction. While I understand that in our situation, any points — life. [B] — If something wrong, you can recognize it? [/ B] — Why not? Neither coach is not working correctly. More often than not they are associated with substitutions. And on the analysis of the game, I can not say it openly. [B] — What’s in addition to the three points brought you joy in the last round? [/ B] — What we have presented to the wonderful city of celebration and hope. Now difficult time. If after the game people take to the streets with flags of the club, smiling, their eyes glowing with happiness, then we have done our job. [B] — Most recently, the Orthodox tradition remembered by old friends. For whom would you like to raise a glass? [/ B] — For Volodya Fedotov. A bright soul was a man. And say, remembering him that our coaching bread is not always sweet. Eternal memory.

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