Constantine Kuharenko, "Soviet Sport" on the Don at the end of last week, "Rostov" went to Israel for their second training camp. On the results of work in Turkey and the latest news in the Rostov club correspondent of "Soviet Sport" head coach Oleg Dolmatov. Interview with Oleg Vasilyevich took place on the eve of departure, "Rostov" in the country beyond. [Cut] [b] productively GREAT TIME IN TURKEY [/ b] [b] — Oleg, to be comfortable with your team ready for the season in the troubled country after the recent events in Gaza and the ongoing attacks on both sides of the conflict? [/ B] — First of all, we set off to the north of Israel, and there is calm. Second, "Dan Caesarea" — a beautiful and comfortable place with a suitable climate. There’s almost an annual exercise, CSKA Moscow and Kiev "Dynamo". Near the hotel is a football field. In addition, Israel is a visa waiver country. [B] — A sparring partner with no problems [/ b]? — No. Already the 3rd February, we meet with the Dnipropetrovsk "Dnipro". Had to play the 4th, but the Ukrainians have asked us to transfer the game a day earlier. In total, by the way, we in Israel are scheduled four matches. Rest of the field until the call: dealing with this issue organizers fees. [B] — The third and final phase of training, which will take place? [/ B] — In Turkey. There we to March 4, two weeks, as in Israel. Then come back to Rostov-on-Don and continue training at our artificial field before the start of the championship in Perm with "Amkar". [B] — Are you satisfied with the preparations? [/ B] — It is. We had a productive time in Turkey. Beautiful hotel, near the field of high quality. In general, there is great material and technical base. Next to us was preparing the German "Cologne", which trains the famous coach Daum. Then he pulled up near Moscow, "Saturn." Our guys have worked great. It was the worst in terms of physical preparation stage. Jogging load, of course, prevailed. I thank the players for restraint and patience. Spent two matches against fatigue. Played, in principle, a good starting point. As you know, in the control games tested beginners. A total of two fights: optional defeat of Azerbaijan "Khazar-Lankaran" and a draw with Croatian "Zagreb". In the second game should have won, have not used a number of good moments, but in the end conceded a goal. The Croats were two teams, and we can say one. [B] AND WE NEED A LITTLE BIT — have shown themselves newcomers "Rostov»? [/ B] — Lengyel and Anzhelkovich liked. Perhaps that’s it. Mladenov injured, but we know his level. Bulgarians now undergoing rehabilitation, but Israel will have to work with the group. We will see how his knee can withstand the load. Concerning Ushenina say that there is a complex conversation with the leaders of the "Kuban". Not yet ready to say — he will remain with us or not. [B] — When, finally, return to the team and start practicing favorite Rostov fans, Korean Hong Yong Jo? [/ B] — According to the latest information, it is in the location of the team. We also promise to send it to the closing fees. I hope that the leaders of North Korea will be supportive of the career of his compatriot. [B] — In the "Rostov" will have another striker Lebedenco? When finally decide his transition? [/ B] — His contract has been our athletic director Alexander Shikunov. The issue is almost resolved. This incisive forward to help us and to increase competition in the attack. [B] — In Israel, the viewing will still be newcomers? [/ B] — Yes, Shikunov and our breeders are working actively. Kebe will drive the defender of "Anji", who played in the capital’s "Spartacus": I think that would be a good acquisition. There are options in midfield. Maybe someone will come in the second collection, and someone on the third. Yes, in general, we need a little. Only one winger. In the center we have all right. There are Kuznetsov, who played in the Moscow "Dynamo" Samara "Wings" and "Kuban". He — the attacking player. However, we must see how the Smiths will look like after surgery for inguinal rings. [B] — will focus on the acquisition of Russian players, given the limit? Or have options and with foreigners? [/ B] — It is desirable, of course, take the Russians. At present, we have almost fully stocked, I think already at 95 percent. And the need to raise their young. [B] — By the way, recently familiar you Sergey Butenko led the youth of the "Rostov". You can be called like-minded people? [/ B] — Of course, because I really know very Sergey. He played in my Novorossiysk "Chernomorets" and then came to me the second coach. I can only give him the most flattering description, and as a person and as a coach. Sergey has a lot of work, but now he is up to date, spent his first duties with the youth team, several control games. Always with him will keep in touch. Talented young people need and basic composition. [B] crisis will affect ALL — In one of the two matches are not played Captain "Rostov" aspen. [/ B] — I’m not entirely satisfied with its current state. But, I’m sure Mike is a true professional and loyal to our club people still have time to collect the necessary form. [B] — In a recent interview, you said: "Problematic team — coaching my fate, my specialty» … [/ b] — I want to say that the journalist, to say the least, not entirely true interpreted my words. [B] — you yourself have read this interview? [/ B] — No. But I have called friends, and club leaders spoke on the occasion. As for the problem of commands, it is not so. Also in the "Locomotive" were no problems. But I took the team for seven rounds before the end of the championship, the task was to enter the "two" of the best, and we ended up in third place. The task was arranged with the management of "Loco" in advance, so I did not stay at this club. [B] — The contract with the "Rostov" you concluded by the "one plus one»? [/ B] — Yes. [B] — What are the tasks of the season back in the Premier League? [/ B] — They are specified in the course of the tournament, and adjustments will be made. The main thing for us — it is to play well and to please their fans. We have a little doukomplektuemsya, and I think that everything will be fine. [B] — Today, everyone is talking about a crisis. As far as he reflected on football? [/ B] — The crisis has affected and will affect all areas of life, including, of course, football. [B] — In the neighborhood of the SKA Rostov he seems to have been affected. CSKA will play in the second division, where to go on their own. You, by the way, watching the game this team in the past year, there have been at home games army? [/ B] — The calendar has been compiled so that our paths often diverge. Only once, when the SKA took "Kuban" I was at the stadium. If you are referring to the breeding part of my job to look after the necessary players in games, then in the state of our club have coaches breeders. They recommended that I regularly or that player. I have to be honest, at this time was not. [B] — Will the attendance at the "Olympus-2" drop in the Table of Ranks countrymen? Perhaps Rostov fans in the stands will be more? [/ B] — Rostov accustomed over the years to the Premier League. Fans want to see the best teams in the country. And, of course, everything will depend on our game. I believe that in the new season of Rostov stadium, renovated, by the way, will be filled by our loyal fans. [B] MY FAMILY IN ROSTOV pretty comfortable — Do not you think that last year’s line-up, whether it is fully preserved, and proved to be quite competitive in the Premier League? [/ B] — It’s hard to guess. But I believe that we have strengthened
that structure, have left all the best. Invited stronger players. Only time will tell how right we are. [B] — Your family has already adapted in Rostov? [/ B] — It is. Here we are all pretty comfortable. Now the family is at home in the suburbs, as there is a pre-season training. And since his wife and daughter is with me. But after the final collection they will sit on the train and here I am meeting them. [B] — How many years of your daughter? [/ B] — John is 3 years old and 7 months. [B] — wife works? [/ B] — No, has a daughter and maintain a household. [B] — As a player "Kairat" capital "Dynamo" you’re probably used to play in Rostov-on-Don? If you had a chance to score a goal or goals even in our city? [/ B] — Indeed, often played here. And here’s a chance to knock it? No, never had to. [B] — Suddenly, as if by magic, "Rostov" 2009 will turn to CSKA-1998 and will rush forward, sweeping away everything in its path, all in a row?! [/ B] — (This phrase, a kind of question-and-desire, clearly Oleg mood lifted, and he laughed a long time — prim.K.K.) If you do not dream, then the work is not necessary. But seriously, for this we all are working …

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