Oleg Dolmatov: We won, and this is important

[Img = http://www.sport.ru/ai/8×16000/113937/head_0.jpg] After the victory of his team over Moscow "Khimki" Oleg Dolmatov complained about the quality of the game his players and praised by Igor Lebedenco. The protagonist of the meeting was also extremely happy to have been able for the first time in two years to excel in the Premier League. [Cut] Mentor "growth" Oleg Dolmatov after the match against the suburban "Khimki" said the account is fully satisfied, but the quality of the game football expert was not pleased. Dolmatov explained the mistakes of their midfielders that three players have played for the national team and returned only to the very match. "The game we did not succeed. We played poorly in the middle line, but there is an explanation: Gatskan Kulchiy on Wednesday and played for their national teams, and only returned yesterday to the location of the team. Hong and all came to the stadium an hour before kick-off," — said Oleg Dolmatov. Also, the main steering group Rostov gave his assessment of the actions of Igor Lebedenco, whose firing was decisive in the match. Dolmatov assured that Igor has great potential, but in previous teams he missed the fact that he is more than received in "Chicago." "He’s a talented guy, just in previous teams he lacked self-confidence." [B] "We won, and that’s the main thing. Drove for three points" [/ b] Before the match, football experts unanimously said that the "growth" — especially the home team. Like, the Southerners in the season will play to win only in his native walls, and guest appearances wards Dolmatova will counterattack in the hope of a draw. However, the mentor of "growth" brushed aside all the rumors. "We won, and that’s the main thing. Drove for three points." On the eve of the match against the "growth" gate guard "Khimki" Roman Berezovsky was on his cell phone calling the unknown, which required putting Roman games. The media broke the hype, but the head coach of "growth" has decided not to answer the question about the incident. "I rumors and provocations do not comment," — cut Dolmatov. [B] "We will not let the fans" [/ b] Roman Berezovsky himself after the match was more conversation. The goalkeeper explained why Moscow club "Khimki", replaying the opponent on the field, failed to realize the advantage in goals scored. "I do not manage to organize a fast attack. Generally the attack not all managed to carry out his plan. We have a problem, it’s noticeable. But there is a team of young and ambitious. And, sure, perspective. Fans We will not fail." Captain himchan also told about the mysterious calls that hit him just before the crucial match against the "growth". "We, together with the coach listened to these threats. Bells had two. First I was an unknown person called and offered to hand over the match. Interrupted the conversation I just went to the coach and tell him about it. Was there and our vice-president. And then the second call. I included speakerphone and all those present listened to everything. Sarsaniya told me to quietly preparing for the match. Tried as I could pull myself together. But something to hide, worried more than usual. Everyone supported me and the boys, coaches and executives. Thanks them. pity that today’s victory was not possible. " [B] "Of the fifteen points, we implemented one, but three points is three points" [/ b] Hero of the meeting Igor Lebedenco was also very glad that I finally managed to score a goal, which, incidentally, is dedicated to his son. "It’s nice for the first time in two years to score in the Premier League. Nice thing is that I play, and I play in the starting lineup. Scored a goal I dedicate to her son, who turns two months. Course, the game was not too spectacular, and half of the moments we have implemented one, but three points is three points. "

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