[Img = http://www.fc-rostov.ru/imgs/filestore/4432778.big.jpg] CEO Don top team in an exclusive interview with "Soviet Sport" talked about his first impressions of working in the new position. The conversation was about the past, present and future. [B] «GOAL FOR ME AWARDED watermelons» [/ b] — Oleg, you’re certain a child playing soccer, and a student addicted to the number one sport? — Of course. In my opinion, football attracts 99.9 percent of boys. I spent my childhood in the Ukraine, so the competition has seen a lot of the union of all sizes. As a student of the Institute played for the team, and later played football during his service in the army. I remember we had a very demanding game with the nearby military unit. I’m in that match was able to score a goal, for which I was awarded a watermelon: so happy and I do not remember when I was. (Laughs.) So for football’m like most men — love him very much. [Cut] — How did you get the offer to take over as CEO of FC "Rostov"? — Speaking frankly, it all happened quickly and unexpectedly. My predecessor, Leonid F. Kovalev just a week before the expiration of his contract proposed to the Board of Directors to align my candidacy for the position of CEO. During the year, when I was director of a sports complex "Leader", with Kovalev we worked closely: the work of our overlap in many ways. During this time, I’m delving into many subtleties duties CEO football club. The only "dark horse" for a while for me to remain inside, and health club, which is always kept within a certain secrecy. I confess that when my candidacy agreed, even a little surprised. — That is, on a proposal for a long time did not deliberate? — There was no time. Urgency of the matter was the fact that Leonid Fedorovich decided that at the end of his contract he finishes his career. And as you know — Kovalev man of his word. At the same time, to leave such a large organization without a leader, without daily monitoring of the activities of the club, with no operational issues — impossible could be disruptions of various kinds. Therefore, the decision on my appointment was made so quickly. Many of my friends and acquaintances all the time asking, "But how do you handle it?" And I’m sure I can handle without problems. The only specification — a football component: the coaching staff and players. Just to these issues must be handled delicately, carefully, and with an understanding of, and everything else — for me not at all new. "Needs to be versatile" — Are you an experienced official, having some college education, one of which — a degree in "Management of sporting institutions." How did the idea gain knowledge in such a narrow profile, because finding a job in this industry is small chance? — It’s not so much a diploma as evidence of what I went through refresher courses after receiving the standard of higher education in the Kuban Academy of Physical Culture. It’s just a narrow focus. But I do not think that when you go through a refresher course, it is worth thinking about what it is then you will do. If you are an expert versatile, and understand all areas of work, which is connected with the sport, then the effect will be positive in any case. Courses gave me a lot: very high quality lectures were able to learn many new things that today helps a lot. — And how this learning has been built? — The theory was extensive, but it does not go beyond sport. At the same time, studied all aspects of the head of the sports facilities, from business side, ending medical issues and the approach to the athletes. — Applies to this theory in practice? — Yes, but I will add that this issue is discussed later. At this stage, I need to fully understand all the subtleties of the work system. So far, only manage to solve the current problems that require a quick response. Next, I will look at the work of all departments. I also want deeper insight into how the situation and put the work in our school football … The club thanks to Leonid Kovalev has developed an excellent, professional team that works very quickly and independently. We need only minor interference in its activities. So I will have the time to one side, not postponing it indefinitely, and with another — no fuss, thoroughly understand all the directions of the FC "Rostov". "GOT A GREAT EXPERIENCE In ROUOR" — There are moments in the organizational work of the "Rostov" that you want to change? — Now, after working two weeks until I can not answer that question. Because, once again — the club is functioning smoothly, the results of the visible and the need to radically reform start I do not see. The only thing perhaps soon there will be a change in the activity of the commercial department. I got a report on its work in the year 2008 and the first quarter of 2009, and now I can say that I see the work of this department differently. I have a thought, but they need to further develop, define, and only after some amendments. I am confident that the work of the commercial department should not be reduced to selling T-shirts, souvenirs and tickets. We receive interesting offers from various organizations and experts from … It is time to debate these proposals proceed to implementation. — Personnel changes are possible? — I do not see such a need. That is put in the next few days before the Commercial Department employees new challenges and if they tell me that they can not solve them, then change will follow. As for other areas: accounting work for us as a clock. Counting Chamber were comments, but they are all working — I will not mention their problem. Well with its functions to cope staff press service and other departments of the club. The school need to fix some things, but here I have yet to collect the information, so you have to think carefully and decide something. — Your experience in the Rostov Regional School of Olympic Reserve can help the school? — Definitely. Practices Olympic reserve school gave me a lot. I think, be able to build the school so that both the first team appeared homegrown students. After working in ROUOR nine years old, I got a lot of experience there: I had to oversee all issues — from financial to educational. During this period, we have worked closely with the Ministry of Education of the Rostov region, which was then headed by Leonid Kovalev. Basically my whole career, he has seen and appreciated, so maybe his confidence is based also on the stage of our regular working contacts. "VERY GOOD TEAM to pick up" — you were on the first away match with "Khimki", which brought Rostovites first victory. Football players can be very different in temperament, but all believe in superstitions like one. I think that the director could not help and it gets infected. On luck, as they say, with the team on the game with the "Dynamo" go? — Of course! I will try everything possible to postpone the case to go with the team to all guest of the meeting. — Were you able to get in touch with Oleg Dolmatov? — It depends on what you mean by the word "contact". Hugged and talked on various topics about which we can not speak with subordinates? No, this was not. But I think that with Oleg Vasilyevich, given its nature and my warehouse, we had a chat. We spoke a lot on the road. In any case, no one to whom not turn back — I guarantee it. The same applies to the club‘s sporting director Alexander Shikunova: it turned out that we understand each other, aware of who and what should be doing, what our goals and objectives. — What is especially remember the first two weeks of work as a CEO? — You know, the first day I felt that the work I like it here and have a desire to benefit the club. Last weekend when we went to check in Khimki, I realized that the team selected a very good one. I do not take each one separately, and talking about the spirit of the team — this is
a strong and cohesive team. He is quite capable to achieve good athletic performance. "PUBLIC WE ARE ALWAYS OPEN" — Perhaps, in addition to the Board of Directors, the CEO job more frequently than others appreciate the fans. How do you plan to build relationships with them? — This is a very specific question, which I still rely on his assistants because of his learning takes time. Fans are different. I know about the three factions of our fans frequent the club’s official website, look for the communication of fans at the forum "South Stand" and on the guest book, "Rostov Network Maniacs." I’m trying to get to the core of their communication: what mood they are in, what they do and, most importantly, why. Hiding from the fans is not going to. — Under the previous general director led the club open information policy for all media. Continue this tradition in your control? — It is invariable. Always ready to answer questions and provide the information that I own. For the public, we are always open. — What you see their main task in his new role? — Of FC "Rostov" — a large multi-faceted organization. Her supervisor performs administrative work, which is aimed at making the club work and react to what is happening very smoothly and quickly. Our main task — the main achievements in sports teams and the development of youth football. And the structure of the club, again, works fine.

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