Oleg Protasov: I want to wash off the dirt, which we are bathed in the press

Oleg Protasov: "I want to wash off the dirt, which we are bathed in the press"

Head coach of "Rostov" Oleg Protasov admitted that his team acted talk of contractual nature of the match of the 19th round of the Russian Championship with "Amkar" (0:1), and stated that the "Rostov" is capable of this season to fight for the bronze medal .

"The atmosphere in the team is good. Accumulate some mechanical injury, but all are suffering, trying to sustain the pace. People understand the responsibility and the fact that this is their chance. In the coming months it will become clear whether we will sustain this pace. We will play against teams from the bottom half of the table — "Siberia", "Anji", "Alan". They have to take my glasses.

Hope that helps Kalachev already in the game with "Anji". Kulchiy played two games for the national team, at his age, it’s a lot, and it will arrive exhausted. Yankov in the match against England knee injury and likely will not participate in the next game.

The guys came out of the game with "Amkar" constrained. We know that the whole country is watching this match. But you know, if people want to find some kind of sensation, they will. I want to wash off the mud in which we were bathed in the press. But in general, the guys have suffered this situation with dignity.

At the beginning of the season the team was tasked to take tenth place. However, if we find ourselves in the end it will, of course, a pity. I think we need to fight for the third place. Now our management is trying to support our game and ensure the team financially. It is also important, and the work is very serious. This has to do with the recent change of Governor.

Training should take place in the same breath, and children should be a pleasure to work with. I live this exercise. And, of course, I try to vary the process. It helps me and the fact that he played football "- quoted Protasova Sportbox.ru.

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