Head coach of FC "Rostov" Oleg Protasov recognizes performance of the club in the first round of the Russian Championship success, but believes that only in the context of financial stability, "Rostov" in a position to fight for the top places. After half of the championship FC "Rostov" scored 22 points in 15 games and is ranked 5th in the standings. 7 wins — the same as for all of last season (30 games), played with powerful Moscow clubs — CSKA, "Spartacus" and "Locomotive". Positive changes in the statements "Rostov" with the arrival at the club in December 2009, the well-known specialist in the past — the legendary Soviet striker Oleg Protasov. In anticipation of the start of the second round, Mr. Protasov summarized the interim results of the first part of the championship.

N: — How do you assess the results of the first round of the championship of Russia?

OP: — Where we are in a pretty, nice to see the results of their work. Players ambitious and workable. But even if we admit the idea that we can beat anyone in the class, it’s easy to not only lose, but to lose your face, so you should make every effort, both psychological and physical. We nemalooshibok, both technical and tactical, but without them there is no football.

N: — What is your first impression of the Russian Premier League?

OP: — Nothing new for myself, I did not open as originally uncounted himself in Russian foreign. Working in Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk "Dnepr", I always followed the Russian championship. By the way, now broadcast from Russia can be seen in Greece and Italy. This is an indication that for all blemishes and problems of football marches on. Compared to the Ukrainian championship, the difference is not much. Perhaps, in Ukraine, more play on defense, more physical, but it is not a fundamental difference.

N: — Which of those clubs that compete with the "Rostov" made the greatest impression on you?

OP: — The eye of a professional enjoys watching games at the "Zenith". The game forward, which was put Luciano Spalletti, I really like it. "Ruby" is impressive for its solidity, reliability. From the first minutes tebedayut understand that it is very difficult to count points, which of course affects the psyche of the players. I should add that these teams have a sound financial basis, investment, without which you can not find such a strong line-up. CSKA Moscow is known for its breeding work, the ability to find new quality players. Compared with these leaders "Spartacus" have problems with the final stage of the attack: Spartacus hold the ball well, but sometimes can not get him to the front of goal nets.

N: — Nevertheless, the "Rostov" had some good matches against teams where the cost of a single player at times equal to the annual budget of your team …

OP: — At our level, we are gearing up for the matches. Analyze what can counter and at which point we can catch an opponent to score a goal. I had to work, and in the top clubs, where a completely different strategy: it is necessary against any opponent to play the first number, hack rich defense. The clubs are usually mid-level task is to take "their" points against peer competitors and try to successfully defend against the giants. What we are doing.

N: — Manual "Rostov" requires you to a particular result?

OP: — That did not happen. While we are on the 5th place and ahead of the schedule. Now the club and the area should support us to develop successfully. Much will depend on whether management will cope with our pace. To solve the high goals, the players should concentrate only on their immediate work. Financial stability is very important. It should be delayed wages — and anyone’s professional football player starts distractions. There are cases where coaches have lost the thread management team in this situation. Players meet our requirements and are laid out, knowing that successful performance will be rewarded. If the stimulus is lost, then the logic is broken. There is a common misconception that you need to help out the team when things are bad. But more importantly help to consolidate progress. I hope that our government is aware of this.

N: — Example "Rostov" shows that you can create an efficient team and a budget.

OP: — Yes, but do not forget that we have a lot of hired players. This means that next year the question of acquisition team will rise again. In these conditions it is difficult to predict the future. You can "make some noise", but then not be able to keep the team.

N: — After victories over CSKA Moscow, "Spartacus" and "Locomotive", you can now find the best season?

OP: — I think that is the wrong approach. Championships should be played from the first to the last match. The longer, more difficult to win, as with every successful game next opponent all carefully prepared kvstreche with you.

N: — Sometimes the "Rostov" very solid operating in the defense, do not miss the ball from strong rivals. In this case, literally in the next round of the same players make inexplicable failures.

OP: — Do not confuse us with "Barcelona" and "Spartacus." As part of "Rostov" a lot of guys that have been tried, but did not come to other clubs, after which we were. Our level is such that mistakes are inevitable. Parse them, but often we repeat again. What can you do? Often umenja simply no replacement options for some positions. You can not expect us to suddenly become super club.

N: — It is believed that with the "Rostov" is able to cope only coach dictator rigidly controlling their players. Do you agree?

OP: — The nature of Russian and Ukrainian people, as well as its weaknesses, I am well known. The main thing is that the player himself knew when he needed to work, and when you can afford to relax. For those ktoperehodit edge, there is a system of fines. Let penalty of $ 100 for being late to practice and is not afraid of a professional with vysokoyzarplatoy, but take out a bill and then pass it to the club treasury is not very pleasant psychologically. However, I always remind the guys that’s my job — to help them to make money, not to select them.

N: — Do you feel comfortable in Rostov?

OP: — I like the city, have a good relationship with the team, so do not complain at that.

Interview by Igor Volkov

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