Olga Zaitseva won the second gold for Russia

Olga Zaitseva was the first in the pursuit race at 10 km in the third stage of World Cup, held in Hochfilzen, Austria. This is the second medal of the highest dignity, won by the representatives of Russia.

 Photo source:gazeta.ru

Olga Zaitseva was the race without making any mistakes when shooting. Russian woman overcame the distance in 31 minutes 52.2 seconds. The second to the finish line came Sweden’s Helena Ekholm, losing rossiyanke 29.1 seconds. Third was Belarusian Darya Domracheva with 44.7 seconds behind.

On the eve of our Bunny won the sprint distance of 7.5 kilometers with two shooting and Russia brought the first gold medal this season on the World Cup.

Olga Zaitseva perfectly manifested itself throughout the race. Only at the end of the race on the second shooting made a mistake. But the advantage over Belarusian Darya Domracheva was about 14 seconds, and two-time Olympic champion did not miss this chance.

 Photo source:sdelanounas.ru

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