Olympic freestyle center first took athletes from around the world

At the Olympic slopes freestyle center of Sochi passed the stage supercontinental Cup Freestyle Aerials and Moguls. 

For performance skiers acrobats track was built for 180 yards, including a crackdown at an angle of 29 degrees, a wide platform with jumps and a platform for a touchdown, covered with powdery snow for softness. Russian and international masters of freestyle praised the quality of the execution of this route.

"The creators of the new freestyle center tried to glory! Our athletes are the most well-adapted to local conditions. We are typeset plans for the pre-Olympic and Olympic season and working on the training teams, "- said the head coach of the Russian freestyle Alex Pokashnikov.


Track mogul has brought luck Russian Irina Pisarevskaya — she won the bronze medal. In the men’s tournament distinguished brothers Andrei and Sergei Volkov, who took second and third places respectively. "Gold" — the Canadian Michael Kingsbury. He compared the Sochi route to the home, which were contested Olympic medals in Vancouver: "These trails are very similar, they are quite complex, making it ideal for the Olympics. It is on the slopes of this complexity athletes are able to show their skills and professionalism. "

Besides the quality of trails, marked compact Olympic athletes freestyle center. Thus, the route for three of the five disciplines of freestyle arranged in a semicircle to each other, which is practical and convenient for the spectators.

In the discipline of "tumbling" on the results of the scoring leaders were jumping athletes from China.

It is planned that in February 2013 Sochi freestyle center will host the World Cup in all disciplines of freestyle.

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