Olympic plants

In the Olympic kennel were adapted over 140,000 trees, shrubs and flowers. Plants intended for planting the main Olympic Village in Mediterranean style.

They were taken in Sochi last spring. Some of them are from Italy, where the climate is very similar to Sochi, and the plants survived the move without severe stress. Trees and flowers fully recovered from the carriage began to grow rapidly, many of them bloom, indicating that their well-being.

First dissolved the Japanese camellia flowers, behind her — azaleas, wisteria, roses, ornamental apple tree. Near turned bright carpet phlox. Just now blooming in the nursery about 15 species of plants. Trees and shrubs were chosen so that every month something bloomed: Olympic Village, according to the designers, should be transformed into a garden city. The kennel is also a lot of conifers and evergreen trees and shrubs. Each flower has its own address is already in the country for the Olympians. Landscape designers have developed a pre-landscaping project: every yard of the village will be the highlight: somewhere over the balconies will curl roses and vines, somewhere — a familiar lilacs bloom, and somewhere establish such figures crocodiles and sharks privet. Replanting agronomists will start as soon as the Olympic village will end the main construction works.

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