Olympics: Russia in the first place

Compare the number of gold medals does not give the correct result to determine who played better at the Olympics.

The same is true for the number of medals.

Everyone knows that the table has the advantage of gold medals. Here is the table for the number of medals:

In England, compared the achievements of all countries taking in mind and their populations and the strength of the economy.

Royal Statistical Society developed this method of comparison and the result was that the best in the Olympic Games in 2012 had the Russian.

In second place UK, on the 3rd China.

Followed by:

4. Hungary 

5. South Korea 

6. Ukraine

In 2008, at the Olympics this rating was:

1. China

2. Russia

3. Australia

4. USA

5. United Kingdom

6. Cuba

7. South Korea

8. Ukraine

The method in brief is that the real coin of the countries re-calculated taking into account the country’s population, the strength of the economy (GDP per capita) and the number of the athlete in the Olympic team. Each country has "won" "rating coin."

Here is the ranking in terms of population:


By GDP per capita:


And the number of athlete:

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