Olympus — original, modern and reliable bus from Vologda

Those who have recently been in the ancient Russian city of Vologda, certainly noticed the new buses with a very original design, serving the city routes. Them under the name "Olympus" produces local Vologda Machine Works (VSW), leading its history to 1946.

 Photo source:auto35.ru

In the well-known Russian tanks and tank semitrailers this company, earned a good reputation among operatives.
Active interaction with VSW OJSC "KAMAZ" to develop the production of tanks on the truck chassis has led to the emergence of a new perspective on plant activities: production of a line of low-floor buses multiplace.

 Photo source:auto35.ru

KAMAZ has agreed to supply to Vologda a bus chassis model 5297, and the factory workers were able to develop on the basis of his new coach, unified by many elements of a body with a trolley and Vologda production, the familiar residents of big Russian cities. First prototype of the bus "Olympus" shown at the exhibition "ComTrans-2008" in Moscow. A year after the completion of the tests and obtain "Vehicle type approval", the plant produced its serial production, and the designers have developed a new model that complemented range VSW.

In addition to the urban version "Olympus-4252" with a capacity of 100 people (26 of them in chairs) is a suburban version 42521, is designed to carry 78 passengers (including 39 seated). Along with multiplace 12-meter buses factory offers a new 8.7-meter-long "Olympus-midi» — a model relating to the middle class, and also in urban and suburban designs. The latest development of the plant — the city articulated bus especially big capacity length of 18 meters and a capacity of 179 people.

As powertrains buses used 4 — and 6-cylinder Cummins diesel engines with 160, 185, 271, 312 liters. with., semi-detached with hydromechanical transmission Voith. Front suspension midi version independent, as elastic elements in suspended all buses used bellows. Can be installed both drum and disc brakes.

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