OMC has put large-diameter pipes for the third leg of the pipeline Central Asia-China

United Metallurgical Company (CJSC "UMC", Moscow) fully complied with its contractual obligations to supply pipes for the project "Central Asia-China-3: Increase capacity of the main gas pipeline" Kazakhstan-China ".  

Total from January to September 2013 OMC shipped to the customer 115 thousand tons of pipes with a diameter of 1219 mm wall thickness 17.5 mm of steel grade L555M/X80M with external and internal anti-corrosion coating.

Large diameter pipes for the Kazakh section of the pipeline made at Vyksa Steel Works OJSC ("VMP" Vyksa, Nizhny Novgorod region, part of theOMC) From own wide sheet metal, issued by the camp-5000. The manufacturing process and testing of pipes that conform to API Spec 5L (PSL level 2) of the American Petroleum Institute, an international company controlled by inspectors Moody International.
Earlier, in 2008-2009, OMC has set for the construction of the first two lines of the pipeline "Central Asia-China" in the areas of "Uzbekistan-China" and "Kazakhstan-China" 260 thousand tons of pipes with diameter 1067 mm wall thickness of 15.9 mm and an outer internal anticorrosion coating.

"The successful performance of contractual obligations in this large-scale project is yet another confirmation of opportunities OMC in the manufacture and supply of pipes for the construction of major oil and gas pipelines, not only in Russia but also abroad. We hope that the experience gained in the supply of large diameter pipes for the three pipelines are the "Central Asia-China", will be an additional advantage for the OMC in the implementation of future pipeline projects, including the CIS ", — said Vladimir Markin, president of UMC.

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