OmPA Radiozavod them. AS Popova has fulfilled the SDO for 2011

OJSC "Omsk Production Association" Radio Plant named after A. Popov "(OmPA) fulfilled ahead of schedule contracts under the state defense order (SDO) in 2011, the press-service of JSC" OmPA "Radiofactory them. AS Popov. "


In 2011, the mass production of advanced military hardware IDTS, developed by experts OmPA "Radiozavod them. AS Popov. "

Compared with 2010, the volume of defense contracts increased by 17%. In 2011, for the purchase and modernization of weapons and equipment, defense-related R & D in the Government of the Russian Federation has been allocated 750 billion rubles.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin called domestic appliances "absolute priority in the procurement of equipment, weapons for the Russian power structures."

The volume of defense contracts for 2012 will amount to 581 billion rubles. The state armament program until 2020, provided funding of $ 20 trillion.

IDTS (Intellectual Defense Telecommunication System) — Digital Intellectual telecommunications transmission systems and information security. The organizing principle IDTS — technology "embedded systems". IDTS is able to simulate an unexpected enemy tactics and configuration information of the transport medium, especially in problem areas.

IDTS system developed in the framework of the objectives set by the President of Russia on digitalization of communication systems of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the unification of the solutions applied RF power structures.

Lines of activity «OmPA" Radiofactory them. Popov ":

Equipment units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and other special departments with modern systems of communication and control.

The development of military-technical cooperation with the countries of the Collective Security Treaty and the other states.

Proposal national infrastructure solutions in the field of automation and management of different sectors of the economy and the state of

Ensuring modernization and maintenance of telecommunications equipment, mobile radio communication systems, digital communication systems, auxiliary equipment and accessories.

Innovative solutions in the field of communication.

Production of professional sound and audio systems and systems of energy.

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